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Is there a handwash for senstive skin
Ive developed contact dermatitis from years of exposure to misc chemicals like acteone, alcohol and now it seems hand soaps. I generally used bath and body works but it makes my hands so dry. Wondered if there was a good soap for sensitive skin to wash with before clients. I have also tried gloves in a bottle and was a total waste for me.
Ultracare for Hands from Ultronics
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
You should wash daily by warm water. I had become afraid to wash them using handwash as it seemed to irritate them.
I have the same problem, it's awful. I started using Neutrogena FACE WASH on my hands. I read cleansers for the face are gentle and would be an alternative for hands if you have skin problems. So far so good for me. My hands are started to look much better. You need to be careful even with your your dish soap. That was killing my hands.
Good Luck, Kelly*
Make sure whatever you use is not labeled as "anti-bacterial", which typically means it has triclosan which can be very irritating. And, it goes without saying, stay away from anti-bacterial gel - the alcohol plus triclosan is awful for hands!
these is the handwash for senstive skin i too have senstive skin so i used himalaya purehandwash frm

goatmilk soap I have heard works for sensitive people
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