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Gelish users...HELP!!!
I am getting super annoyed trying to soak off Gelish. It wears awesome but I can't get the stuff off. I break the seal with a buffer or file, wrap the fingers with the cotton/foil method. I use pure acetone with the eco soak off accellerator, and I use heat. I have left it on for all different amounts of time but I am still having to file most of it off, making the "prep" time alone almost an hour!!! Anyone have any other tips/tricks up their sleeve??? Thanks
Are you using a primer?

I usually have trouble getting it to stay on most clients. It peels off in sheets.
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I have a few clients that are rough on their nails so I use protein bond just on the free edge to help it wear better
That's odd. Are you using a LED or UV lamp to cure? Perhaps you are over-curing the product. Or if you use structure gel, you have to let it sit for longer.

With Gelish, I usually use a 120 grit file or lower to file off most of the product then soak the fingers for 5-10 minutes. At my salon, most clients get a lot of art or glitter so I still have to scrape off the softened product then buff off the rest.

Let me know if that helps.
I forgot to mention that the longer the product has been on, the harder it is to remove. I've had several clients who cam in with it on their toes for over month and it did not budge!
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I use a gelish LED lamp and run their finger through for the recommended times (10 for base,30 for color and top coats). I usually remove most of the product unless they are getting the same color.
I have noticed that "softened" product is not all that soft when I remove the foil, almost to the point where it does not even scrape off, so then I end up having to file it all of then anyways...ugh, so frustrated!!! But I really appreciate ur input Wink
Anyone else??
(01-01-1970, 09:52 AM)getnailed20 Wrote: Anyone else??

I use Geleration and that's happened to me when I removed the foils off all the fingers of the hand I was working on instead of removing foil from one finger and immediately taking off product. I noticed that the product will harden if exposed too long after soaking.


I start with the pinky finger and only take off the foil of the finger I'm working on, but I had to learn that the hard way like you Wink
Have you talked to a techy rep from Nail Harmony? I use Gelish a lot and don't have a problem getting it off at all. I soak for a solid ten minutes using the cotton/foil method. Then I remove one finger and "smoosh" off the product using the cuticle pusher. Then move onto the second finger. By the time I get to the tenth finger the product has been soaking for over ten minutes - and it removes even easier and faster. Is there someone in your area who does gelish that you can hook up with and compare notes?
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I have emailed them twice but still have not heard back, guess I will give them a call.
I know this sounds a little far fetched, but is there a chance you could have gotten counterfeit product? I know of a supply house locally that sells "Gelish" for 9.95/bottle including base/top and I think they're not real Gelish. Just an idea. There is a nail tech on youtube named the "fingernailfixer" and she has tons of troubleshooting vids on Gelish/Shellac. She's very good, so maybe she has a video for you.
(12-03-2012, 03:56 PM)getnailed20 Wrote: I am getting super annoyed trying to soak off Gelish. It wears awesome but I can't get the stuff off. I break the seal with a buffer or file, wrap the fingers with the cotton/foil method. I use pure acetone with the eco soak off accellerator, and I use heat. I have left it on for all different amounts of time but I am still having to file most of it off, making the "prep" time alone almost an hour!!! Anyone have any other tips/tricks up their sleeve??? Thanks

I have used that method in the past, and had the same results. Now I remove the shine, with 180 grit, than soak using acetone that has vitamins in it, instead of pure acetone and have had much better results. Using foil and no heat. The big thing is to get ALL of the shine off, than soaking 20 mins. This works for me.
Could you pls share what remover you are using and what vitamins are in there? Then are you wrapping with the cotton foil method or using a soak off bowl?
Using a protein bonder is going to give you problems because it does just what it says, it bonds, making a soak-off product a non-soak-off in that area. By using straight acetone instead of the remover formulated by the manufacturer to go with the product, yo're shooting yourself in the foot. I used to be a die-hard "I can use acetone, 99% alcohol, etc, instead of the manufacturer line cuz I know they're just trying to push product & make $$$$$" kinda girl so I understand why you'd want to use straight acetone but I'll give you some insight into what changed my thinking.

I had a chat at a show with a chemist who owns a nail manufacturing company and asked him straight out about the whole acetone vs. product specific remover debate and he explained it thus.
"I formulate a product chemically to work specifically with the chemical composition of another product. Many chemicals are closely related to each other and do a SIMILAR job so they will kinda work but not as well and may do harm instead of good. I can tell my customer what will work best but can I hold them at gun-point and make them do it the right way.....No. It's not about the money because after what goes into research and development and all the other costs, the profit margin on that stuff is slim at best. It's about creating a system that works for the client as a whole."

I break the seal, use their remover, wrap it in foil, wrap my client's hands in warm towels for 10mins and then remove 1 foil at a time from the finger I'm working on.

I hope this helps but if you're still having issues, maybe you can find a Harmony educator in your area who can troubleshoot with you one on one. Maybe do a search on FB and see if there's a rep in your area who could help more. Good luck!.
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I just thought of 2 more things:

1. I have heard others say that if you soak it too long, the product will re-harden. I soak for just 5 min and it flakes off into a pile of brittle pieces/dust.

2. The clients need to be using cuticle oil and/or lotion on a regular basis, epecially if they keep gel polish on continuously. I have seen problems with sticking on clients who have had it on for awhile and have really dry nails.

Just a thought, keep working on it!
I use Shellac top coat over all my gell polishes so they all soak off the same. If I use protein bond, it takes a bit longer.
I did some research for you. There's a couple of Harmony Educators who would be glad to help you troubleshoot one-on-one; there's Denise Sokolowski in Cicero, NY or Danielle Candido in Jackson, NJ. Both of these ladies are senior educators and well-versed in everything Gelish so they can give you some insight. If they're not close enough for you to actually be able to sit down face to face with them, I'm sure they'll find someone closer to you who will give you some face time. Honestly, do give them a shout on Facebook and get some tips from them and you will not regret it. They both said they'd be glad to help you figure out whatever glitch is hanging you up.
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Thank u so much, I really appreciate it. Unfortunatly, they are quite a ways away but I'm def going to find them on fb. Thanks again and thanks to everyone else that has given me pointers Smile
I use the Shellac base and topcoat even with gelish or opi. No problems only a tad bit longer to soak off.
Sooo.. when I put on the Gelish base coat, i put it on very thin. At a networking event the Gelish rep showed how you don't want a lot of base, almost scrubbing it into nail bed. Then between the base and the first coat of color, I take a lint free 2x2 and lightly wipe off the dispersion layer. I do two layers of color, not too think, and cure each 2 min in a uv light. (I had the LED but wasn't happy with it). Then I place a significant layer of topcoat and cure for an addition 2 minutes.

When they come back in two weeks, I use a sanding band and gently roughen up the top coat. I place a piece of cotton, soak in pure acetone on top of the nail ( you want this pretty wet) and wrap with a four by four piece of foil, making sure the cotton is held tightly against the nail. Time ten minutes!!! It can seem like forever but that's what works for me. WHen I take the foil off, i gently push the gel off with a tool I bought at the Premier 2 years ago. It has a nice curve to it with a gentle edge. I believe it is a cuticle pusher. I buff gently with a purple block and reapply...

Hope that helps..........
I use the eco soak off line and love it. however, awhile back in an effort to speed up the removal process I started using the eco soak off accelerator and found that it did just the opposite. I went from a 5-7 min soak time all the way up to 10-15 min. maybe you should try soaking without it once and see if it helps. other then that I'd say use the the soak off made for the product line.
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