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YN-99 vs U-Power 2G
Does anyone know if the hand piece on the Kupa U-Power 2G is the same size as the YN-99? I was able to try out the young nails one and really liked the small size of the hand piece. Is there much difference between the two e-files?
All I know is the YN efile is my dream file. Makes my Erika file seem cheap. Hope someday I can get one, so light and smooth.
I ordered mine with the smaller KP36 handpiece that will fit into the Kupa U-power 2G. Much smaller than the one that comes with it
Thanks, that's good to know as I was also thinking about the Mani-pro super max, where that handle actually goes with.
YN told me that the handpiece for the YN-99 is only 2oz? The smallest Kupa handpiece is just under 5. can anyone confirm this for me? Maybe it's a typo?
I don't no if the yn99 is 2 ounces but it is very light...I love that hand piece....the hand piece will fit into the Kupa drill I switch mine around all the time..the Kupa hand piece is very heave and kills my wrist
I asked them again what the size was from a different email account and he said .5oz... are you kidding me? I replied back and advised him that info and haven't heard back. I'm rather annoyed and disappointed they can't give me simple info like that. It's just not very professional in my eyes.
Who are you contacting there?
(12-29-2012, 09:41 PM)glitternailenvy Wrote: Who are you contacting there?

I'd rather not give a names but it's always been one person who replies on the contact us page.

Strange...they are usually pretty good with responding. I can agree some things are not professional. I love their product though...and I looked at the Orlando show at every hand piece and nothing compares to that one...I spoke directly to Greg Salo at the show for a while about it...
I've had some bad customer service from YN. I ended up telling the receptionist that I wasn't going to talk to the customer service rep because I had a bad experience with her. The receptionist handled my situation and since then, I've never had to deal with the other person. I use YN products because I feel they are the best for me but I refuse to deal with that one person. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't a good situation. Sad to say, as far as I know, she's still there.
Finally got a reply. the YN-99 is 6.8oz. KP-36 from Kupa is 5oz.

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