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NSI Products Question
Hi!! I Studied to be a nail tech in Mexico I am originally fom California and recently moved back My QUESTION IS: Where can I buy NSI products??? I just had a baby which is why I can't go to nail school here YET, but it is so hard for me to find my NSI products here Sad because I cant buy from NSI website..... Can anyone help me find out where I can find the best deals on NSI ATTRACTION powders or if I can buy from NSI?? Thank you so much!!!! I'm new to this site and am so thankful I found it to share i this wonderful world of nails! Xoxo
I don't think requires you to have a license to purchase.
@melissa82 Thank you Smile I have seen that page but it's a bit expensive Sad I get better deals on ebay, but it's very rare I have to be checking all the time and if I'm lucky i find one But hopefully they will have deals for cyber monday THANK YOU!!
Well, I personally don't think $10 for 40g of acrylic powder is expensive. Quality products aren't going to be cheap though and ebay you can't always rely on being the real thing. You can always try Nailite. They have good products and they are very affordable.
Very True... Thank you again Smile I was on and was able to buy some NSI products at a very good deal!! But I will check the websites you gave me and you're rightm quality products are an investment Smile
Thank you!
Nova, i'm from Trindad and Tobago and I ordered direct from nsi, u contact them and they'll send you an order form with prices

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