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How often are you......
suppose to sharpen cuticle nippers?

I've been using my cuticle nippers since July of this year...and was wondering how often you're suppose to get them sharpened? I'm sure it depends on how often you use them?

Also wondering if there are any places in Texas that provides this service. I don't like the idea of sending off tools to another state for 2 weeks. Confusedhock:

Please advise

Warmest Regards,

Hmmm well....I've only ever had one set sharpened, and they were ruined. I've just always bought new ones since then. Anybody else?
replaced with new also.
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I've had mine sharpend and it ruined the as well. It also cost me more than just a cheap new pair cost. So I just buy cheaper ones and replace them regularly.
I have had my nippers sharpened by 2 guys who jacked them up and one guy who saved them. I pay $42 for my nippers so I expect them to last and it's worth paying Josh the $11 to sharpen them! He explained that most of these traveling nipper guys have a machine that is made for shears...not our nippers. His wife is a nail tech so she keeps him on point. Sharpening is his passion so he's good at it. I need to find his card now that you mention it. If you are in Chicago...he's the man!
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The Tweezerman brand cuticle nippers are very nice and they sharpen them for free. It does take a few weeks to get them back, but you should have 2-3 pair and rotate sending them in for sharpening.
I generally buy new ones when I need them. I'm such a klutz, I always end up dropping them on the floor and ruining them. I buy them for $10 bucks and I have to say they're sharp!
I buy them new too. I don't have anybody near me who could sharpen them even if I wanted them to.

I pay around the $8 mark for mine so cheap enough to replace when I need to.
I've been using my Mehaz nippers (two of them) for two and a half years and haven't had to sharpen them yet. $50 each and as I recall they will sharpen them for free. However, I rarely use them as I can get a ton off with the curette.
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