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All one brand
How many of you use all one brand? Now I know what all manufacturers tells you, but how many of you mix and match?.
I use ALL NSI products, right down to tool and desk mats etc.

I feel it looks more professional when you are using the one brand plus it is true that the products from one brand are actually made to work together.
This is why all good branded companies put a lot of money into research and testing and I have seen it first hand how they are all made to work together.

I think there are too many techs who mix and match and then when they run into problems they are too quick to blame the products, when in fact, they should be blaming themselves for mixing product lines.
Plus by mixing products and not having any science behind the mixes, I feel it is putting the client at risk.
I primarily use Young Nails - acrylic, gel, gel polish, preps, glitters/confetti, tools, lights, lotions, scrubs, etc. The exception for me is that I have to use a second line of gel polish just for the color variety, so I also use Gelish (though I won't be purchasing more because of the whole curing in the bottle fiasco) and have just tried out Cuccio's color veneer.
Nail Tech/Owner
I have been having the problem with it curing in the bottle - I thought maybe it was do to shelf life. Is there another problem I should be aware of?
(11-03-2012, 07:18 AM)nailretreat Wrote: I have been having the problem with it curing in the bottle - I thought maybe it was do to shelf life. Is there another problem I should be aware of?

I don't think it's just due to shelf life - I had several that started curing in the bottle within just a few months of purchasing them. If I had to guess, I think it's because of the solvents used in Gelish, which cure by evaporation just like regular nail polish. At first it was just the sheer or lighter colors that had a problem, but I'm starting to see it in the darker colors a little bit now. I haven't had any curing in the bottle issues with Mani-Q at all, and now it looks like the Cuccio line will be a winner as well.
Nail Tech/Owner
I am ingredients hound/researcher. Now I don't have recipes or formulas, that's for certain.

I have compiled spreadsheet comparing acrylic monomers and polymers from various brands as well as cost per ounce. According to my information the monomers are what varies from brand to brand; polymers, not so much. Polymers may vary only in color.

So yes, I will use brand a, b, or c and so on liquid with brand a, b, or c and so on polymers. I selection is made by properties I like and the costs.

I was taught that you can use any product over another. But that you shouldn't mix them together! But I do mix glitters.
Doug Schoon says that it can cause allergic reactions that you might see down the road.
So use a gel color,cure, and use a different brand on top. As long as each layer is cured you can use another brand of gel. Even another brands top gloss.
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