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Beauty Supply problems??
I have 2 beauty supply places near my town. One place has stopped selling white tips PERIOD and the other has them starting at about size 5. SO if I need size 1 to 4 I have to call and order them and pay shipping. Anyone know how much shipping is for 1 pack of nail tips that actually weights less than a pack of gum....$8.00! Angry
Why would a professional beauty supply stop selling white tips all together? No OPI tips at all. Not a one. CND clear and natural but no white?
Is OPI not discontinuing their tips? That's what my nail tech teacher told me.
it happens every so often a clerk in the beauty supply will tell you "such & such item is being discontinued and thats why we have none." The truth of the matter in 99.9% of the cases it's simply that supply house will no longer be stocking that item or the product line. I can't tell you how often this happens.

I would be fairly secure in saying OPI is not discontinuing their tips.. while it certainly is possible they
MIGHT be discontinuing the white tips, I would check with them directly to verify.
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I generally use CND's tips but that day I think I would have bought anyone's they had.
That is one of the reasons that I prefer sculpting, I have every tip I ever need!
(10-29-2012, 01:55 PM)gelpro Wrote: That is one of the reasons that I prefer sculpting, I have every tip I ever need!

I agree! We need a Like button on here! Hahaaa!
I miss the OPI tips. After 11 years in the business, I still cant sculpt a pink and white to save my life. Just not clicking for me
I heard about this recently and after doing a bit of research I found that more techs are gravitating towards working without plastic tips and taking a more natural approach by using forms and building tips with acrylic. Although it seems like more work for some, others say that it helps protect the client's nail so that it can grow better. Cuticle oil can be placed near hyponychium to prevent nail from excessive mineral loss as glue and plastic with acrylic doesn't let it breathe enough, I've heard. Also, from the industry side of things, it seems like producing malleable acrylic is a smart move for profit margin to dwarf production cost that is, in terms of price per unit for white tips. For example, CND white tips can be found for about 30 (I always cost out shipping too, anyway...) for 100 tips, so about .30 per tip; while ASP is about .15 each for 100; whereas 3.7 oz of CND's white sculpting acrylic is usually for a tip so you probably would use much less than other. So, .37 oz per set of nails. So it's more profitable for the industry to discontinue white tips and promote new techniques to reduce wait times and drive growth. Idk its just some info, feel free to make adjustments if necessary when sharing your thoughts(:
if you need more nail tools, details could be offered. if small and light nail decorations, shipping cost could be lower if using express.
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