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Just Have to Vent....
I'm so angry! I ordered a bunch of foil from Nailite (minimum order is $25 so I my total was $31.90) and I never got the order. I called and they said it was shipped. I asked them to track it because I never received it. They said they would put a request for tracking into the post office but "once it is shipped, there is nothing more they can do." The post office sent an e-mail that it was "delivered" to my home. Nothing more they can do either because it wasn't insured. They said they would talk to my carrier and see if he remembered leaving it anywhere. I am so mad at Nailite, you think they would offer to make good on it since I never received it! And I was so excited to try this stuff....but not anymore!
That sucks. Most companies I deal with send out free replacements when the packages dont make it to my door. I had somene steal a Kindle off my mailbox, and a box of Yankee Candles off of my front porch and both companies replaced them with no questions asked.

The kindle was over $300 at the time (I just had to have the 2nd edition when they were still pricey!) and the box of candles was probably over $100.

You'd think Nailite could replace a $31.00 order for cripes sake.

Can you argue the charge with your bank or credit card company?
I've never had a problem with them but then I've always had it shipped to my work, never to my home. Fed EX delivers it, and I'm always issued a tracking #. The way things are disappearing from mail boxes and front porches as Ive seen on the news, I'd sure have anything else delivered to an address where someone can take it inside and keep it safe.
Oh no! Sorry to hear that.
I've ordered mine last week from Dollar nail art also a minimum of 25, my total was like 32 with shipping, and they also sent me a tracking number, I got them in a few days no problem.
I hope they can do something about it. Sad
That surprises me with Nailite. I've not ordered from them in quite a while but they've never been anything but great to work with.
Hey honey..u need to call again and ask for Lisa. I've been dealinc with nailite going on about 6 years and she has always taken care of me. I'm quite sure they wldnt want to lose a customer over thirty bucks worth of stuff. She has sent me prob four times that amr in free samples. Just call her and explain what happened. but in the future I wld also recommend getting it shipped to your work. Hth!! Wink
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
I agree..
I have dealt with Lisa & she is great. I had some issues that were worth way over $100
Nailite is awesome & does everything they can to help u out with their products. I would never hesitate ordering from them & b/c of their amazing service & that they stand by their products they have me as a customer for life!

good luck & don't give up
Ooops, my apologies to Lisa and wasn't them it was Dollar Nail Art. And I would think they would offer a replacement so as not to lose a customer. I do the nails out of my house, that's why I had it delivered there but maybe in the future I will have it sent to my "other" job. Just can't think why anyone in my neighborhood would want to steal a box of foils...what would they do with it?! And now I'm disappointed because I was really looking forward to using them. Guess I'll have to find somewhere else that sells foil.

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