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drumming up some business...
Does anyone know of any good ideas as far as promoting a salon. I personally am pretty busy, but our shop needs a boost in sales. Any fun promo ideas? We are located in a shopping plaza, but still kinda hard to see. Some have no problem finding us, others ask how long we've been there. I would think in 16 years we would be more, how do we make ourselves more visible. Fliers, sales, new signs...? We are at a loss. Seems as if nothing really makes that much of a difference. Maybe we aren't doing enough. Anyway, any ideas you are willing to share would be awesome! Thanks so much.
This is something that has a time limit on it, but could bring you a ton of business. You would need to start like tomorrow... I would be willing to personaly coach you through this if you decided you wanted to do it.

We have an election coming up. 57 million people watched the first debate. The election is at the top of most peoples mind. 94% of all people have already decided who they are going to vote for.

I have created a "Promotion in a Box". When you open this box you will find a detailed marketing plan, two posters, a press release, a brochure, a bottle of 1-Step gel, a bottle of Acid Free primer, a Pump bottle of Nail Prep, a jar of "Red", a jar of "Blue", and access to a secret website where you can go to download templates that you can customize for your business. If you don't know how to customize the templates, we will do it for you and e-mail you the template customized to your specification.

The idea is to get people to come in and choose either Red for Romney, or Blue for Obama for their Gelousy Gel Manicure to show support for their favorite candidate. You will keep track of the "vote". There is much more to it then that and all of it is detailed in the marketing plan that comes when you open your box.

This promotion is meant to fill your book with interested people. They might not even be interested in the "vote", but they will be interested in you. The "vote" is what we use to get the attention of the press.

You need to jump on this today, the election is coming up fast on November 6th, 2012. Once you open your box you should be ready to start the promotion right away. Don't be surprised if the local news channel shows up to your salon with cameras rolling. Just be sure to bring in extra help to answer your phone. The last time we did a promotion like this, we had our phone ringing off the hook. Even months later people were still calling.

You may get more, less or none at all depending on how much effort you put into creating demand for you and your product.

We have only created 100 of these packs for the entire United States. We wouldn't want every salon in America doing it. Once they are sold out, they are gone forever.

Time is of the essence with this kind of promotion. Call me at 602-493-9043 xt 102 if you are interested. We will overnight the package to you.

Erick Westcott, CEO
Gelousy Gel Nail Systems
Great question and there are lots of avenues nowadays, hun.

Social Media through Twitter, Facebook, etc.

City or State Chambers, being a member and consistently going to their functions and meetings gets ya out there for people to remember ya.

Networking - also a great tool for people to get to know more about ya by getting to know the people behind the chairs and what the salon is about.

Internet - Having a great website with optimal word searches will make it easier for people to find ya.

YP, Angie's List, Yelp - These are great things to ask current clientele to post comments on to get the salon more exposure on the internet. Advertising via isn't that expensive but can get ya at the top of the list when people are searching on the internet.

I feel offering discounts or doing groupons only encourages those who are only looking for a bargain will bring you quick short term exposure, but they will not be regular returning clients.

Hope this gives ya some good ideas! Smile

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