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closing salon
After only 3 years I have decided to close my salon. I work in a small town and I just cannot make a decent living and decided to go back into the world of office work where I can count on a paycheck at the end of the week. If any one lives near Glenrock Wyoming I will be selling everything including equipment and some product. I also did skin care so I have a facial bed and facial machine too for sale.
:-( I'm so sorry you're closing up shop.
So sorry, it's always so depressing to hear that someone is closing. I'm in a small town, too, and thanfully even tho it's slowed down considerably, the only thing that's allowed me to keep going is that I've paid off everything. Otherwise, I'd be in the same boat.

Are you going to put a list up of items you're selling?
Hey I was really sad to hear this. I have a friend who might be interested in the facial bed and stuff ..I will call you tomorrow.
Sorry about that. Sad
Sad to hear that, hun! Sad Giving ya a biggo hug!!
So sorry to hear that! Wishing you the best as you transition to the new job.

Take good care,
Thank you all for your kind words. I started my new job this week and I like it a lot so far, It is really weird to be working in an office again and I am always on my coworkers when I see them biting their cuticles or using their nails to pry stuff. haha
Just don't lose your skills or give up your license! I never had the opportunity to do it full time and have always worked in an office. I work part-time in a salon and really enjoying it because I don't stress about needing to make a certain amount. I am building slowly, but building. Never give up! I got my license in 2002 and didn't work in a salon until 2009. It was like starting from the beginning. I worked for a year(till 2010) and stopped. Came back again in 2012 with a different approach and different attitude. Still part-time but that's okay and I am 59 1/2! Never too late.
Do you have an e-file? Mine died today and I am using my backup. I called PNI because it is under warranty (it's 2 months old) but I'm thinking even with the replacement I want to invest in a higher quality e-file.

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