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What is your opinion...
On tips???
The glue on ones.....
I prefer sculpting
Me too, I've never used a tip before but was just curious about people's opinions on them! Thanks for your in put Smile
I don't like tips. In school we are taught to blend them with an eighty grit file until it looks like nothing but a scratched up nail. I know this is not correct technique and it's driving me crazy.
I use tips I like the clear ones. I think it comes down to personal preference. Since I'm a nail bitter and can't use forms it just makes sense to me to use tips. Just like I won't use the white tips for french because on me there would be too much white and not enough nail bed showing. I will only do pink and whites or paint the french. It may work for someone with long nail beds but I don't offer them Smile. I The only time I will sculpt is if I'm doing an overlay and one nail is shorter than the rest.
I use Daisey Cutter tips. They are the strongest I've ever used and the most natural looking.
The only tips I like are green ones,MONEY!
Haha sillysoup Wink that was cute!!
I always hated tips. they lift, the come off and they just are a pain in the butt.
Are they for applying acrylic or gel on top?
gel or acrylic is so much better.
If ya apply tips properly they are just as affective as sculpting, they don't lift and look really natural. I've used a wide variety of tips and haven't noticed any of them to be better than others. Might wanna check out Lamour. They are very reasonable, lots of variety to choose from and work just great.

If ya learn how to blend tips properly they won't look scratched. Should try using a 100 grit instead, not an 80. Technique is very important when blending the tip. And you don't have to blend the tip all the time.

Placement of a white tip is important. Most white tips have a ledge that tells you exactly where to place the tip for a perfect french look.

Hope that gives ya info to work with!
I do both, whatever the situation or client requires. I was taught in school to use tips and to blend til it's waste of time. Most of the time all thats needed is to remove most of the shine, and make sure the edges are blended in to the side wall of the nail.
If a client has a good f/e then I'll sculpt if I think I can get a better looking nail that way. I've only got one client who insists on sculpting, the rest leave it up to me.
I'm new so I like tips. But I don't ever have to use them. I like the tips with designs on them though and topped with clear gel. I would love to learn how to sculpt though.
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I never use tips. I've been doing nails for 22 years and I have never used them.
Gina Silvestro
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