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Theft at my shop and I'm the suspect??? Help!
Since I have started my booth rental at my shop money has been going missing from various places. First it was a lot. 150 or so dollars from the owners cash box. Then it was 5 dollars from another cacshbox of the estheticians, and then just yesterday 20 dollars went missing from the trolley of the stylist who's work station behind me. I am the only one that is new since these crimes have happened, but I am no thief.

After the 5 dollars went missing, the owners assistant accused me (not to my face) of stealing it because I used her box to swap change for a client because I didn't have any 10 dollars bills. Now as bad and shady as that looks I know I did not take anything, but none the less the 5 dollars went missing. Now the 20 dollars missing from the girl behind me is making me feel framed. I don't know what to do or handle the situation.

I feel as though I should leave it alone because I didn't do anything wrong, and I haven't been directly accused but, like I said I'm feeling framed. HELP!
Stand your ground, and if they really have an issue, I think they should be locking their money up. I think it sucks when anyone just assumes or concludes what they think happend with no proof or information. The few dollars here and there, probably a counting mistake or they spent it, dropped it or never had it to begin with. When something goes missing its easier for them to say, so and so took it, vs pondering the idea that it's their own mistake. And no offense to anyone, but my money is locked up. I don't leave it open so there is no chance anyone can take it. I have in the past though kept it in my drawer and pulled out a $5 for coffee and not remembered it and counted money later thinking I was short.
Once our booth renter went to make change for the owner at the bank and came back with the stack of misc bills making up the $100. The owner just put the money in the bottom drawe in a bag, and later forgot, accusing her of taking it! Mistakes are made, don't let them bully you around about it, and keep your professional self just as you are.
Thanks, that makes me feel better and is very good advice. But like you said, I don't like being accused with out any proof or basis for the accusations.
Sorry to hear that Sad like sobeit says hoppefully it's just a mistake and they don't remember, that happens to all of us sometimes.

When I was an intern in an full service salon spa, I found out that money was disappearing here and there, I was just worried, because I was "the new intern", but I stayed as far as possible of the cash register, I was cleaning most of the time.:lol:
One day they ask me to answer the phone calls, and I told them I didn't feel comfortable behind the reception by myself, I didn't want to get framed.Confusedhock:
Then now is the time to take it upon yourself to NEVER use the "cash box". Keep your own money with you and make sure you have enough of whatever change you might need for the day. Be done with the community cash box. If you get asked about missing cash again, you can simply say that "I never use the money so ask someone else".
is the same person accusing you in all the thefts? Mostly that person is the one actually doing it. I'd keep quiet until actually accused, then I'd tell the owner if she wants to pay for a polygraph test, you'll take it as long as all the other girls step up and take it, too. That way, the guilty party will know that there's a good possibility they'll get caught.
that's a pretty strong accusation. As a booth renter you shouldnt be involved with any one else's cash, yours should be separate as should everyone else's. Why is everyone getting into eachother's cash anyway?

Keep spare change at your station so you don't have to exchange 10's for 5's, etc. If you DO have to swap out cash, have the person youre swapping with do it with you and count it out to you so you're both in agreement. Keep your own money in a locked box and make sure you lock it!

sorry this has happened to you, but in this case I think everyone's to blame for not taking responsibility for their own belongings.
I know it mustn't be a nice feeling but I would have to agree with Colleen, none of you sound like you are doing anything to protect yourselves against false accusations.
It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Please keep your own money locked and with you and don't give anybody access and don't use anybody elses money tin no matter what.
Before each client comes, check your change levels and if you need some, duck to the cafe down the road and change it with them, not through anybody at your salon, keep all money issues away from others in the salon.

I wouldn't be able to hold my tongue and I would probably end up saying in front of everybody incl the boss that I would be more than happy to take a polygraph test to prove I'm innocent....then you could ask "what about everyone else?"
You will soon see who the guilty one is.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you, just do everything you can to protect yourself and the truth will win in the end.
If your in a booth rental situation, ALL money should be locked up period. I wont make change for anyone or ever ask to make change. Girls leave their purses laying around and are just asking for it. The only $ is the cash register which is always locked and only one person working has access to it. I think when people leave $ subject to be stolen, they ask for it. I always keep my products, desk, pedi stuff locked up. bMost of the girls keep their color locked up and when some dont, guess what comes up missing. It would be nice to trust people, but I never will.
As stated above booth renters shouldn't be able to get in anyone's cash box & IF I did, I would have witnesses showing what I'm handing to the owner of the cash box & letting them get into it & hand me my change.
Yes, stand your ground & I wouldn't stir up anything, people shouldn't accuse others without solid proof, I worked in a salon once where one of the stylist/friend was stealing money out of our purses in the back room, you just never know but I would cover all corners to protect myself, just stay 'in the right' true colors always show through sometime or another Smile
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Web cam comes in handy right about now... pop open your laptop & video everyone in the salon with out them knowing or say you are going to record them & it might not happen anymore, but it's sad that someone in your salon is doing this... =[[
Donna in Huntsville, TX. :
> is the same person accusing you in all the thefts? Mostly that person is the
> one actually doing it. I'd keep quiet until actually accused, then I'd tell
> the owner if she wants to pay for a polygraph test, you'll take it as long
> as all the other girls step up and take it, too. That way, the guilty party
> will know that there's a good possibility they'll get caught.

Really good point
I guess this is why cameras are so popular now
I feel so lucky... I get careless, clients leave money on my station while I am cleaning tools... not a good idea, but still there when I walk out.

have worked with thieves, a pity to have to secure everything, last salon, product disappeared right and left...

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