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Uv lamps
I'm just wondering what the difference is between the smaller 9 watt uv lamps compared to the bigger ones are, aside from size and more bulbs. In your experience do they both work the same in creating the final result??

Thank you Smile
Most of todays gels require a 4 bulb UV lamp - so that usually means 4 9x bulbs which many people call "a 36w lamp".

If you cure a gel that requires a 4-9w bulb lamp with a single 9w blub lamp, you will experience a not full cure. It may not be very evident as you finish up the service. What you may see immedately is the gel not curing.. it wipes right off.. Down the road you might see more breakdown - breakage. There is also the distinct possability of allergic reactions because the gel is not fully cured. You should always use the proper lamp for the product you are applying!

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Thank you!!!

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