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What do you use to dehydrate the nail plate? I've been using 99% alcohol and wondering if anyone else uses this or do you depend on products like scrubfresh?
I use 99% alcohol. I know some others who use acetone but I don't like how it turns the clients' fingers white. In a lot of the dehydrators, if you'll look at the ingredients, it'll like acetone and alcohol. Other techs will mix the two to lessen the whitening effect of the acetone.
I depend on products like scrubfresh or I may use aseton, but I have read discussions that alcohol is good to use, and cheap, and I want to give it a try when my scrubfresh-type ends...want to hear other opinions too...
99% alcohol
and sometimes scrubfresh
Glad to hear I'm not the only one and 99% is a great cheap alternative

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