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Struggling To See Up Close, Shoul I Get Lasik???
Hello eyeglass wearers out there. I have been really struggling for the last year trying to see close up doing nails.
I'm 44 and I've worn glasses since I'm 3 years old. I'm nearsighted with a high astigmatism. Last year I tried all different types of contacts for 9 months and could never get clear vision. I just went through trying Progressive bifocals for 6 weeks and couldn't get used to them. I was ok when my head was still and not moving, but every time I would move my head I was dizzy. Then we switched to regular bifocals with a line. I could move my head around, but I constantly saw a blurry line no matter where i tried to look. So now I'm wearing a pair of reading glasses over my regular glasses which is great, I can see so clearly but I don't want to wear two pair forever.
I just ordered a pair of perscription reading glasses, which I'm hoping will be better, but I will need to switch back and forth all the time just to see the clock or walk into the other room.
Has anyone out there had the same problem and how did you resolve it? I'm really thinking of having Lasik surgery as my next step. I went a few years ago to see if I was a candidate and I was, but then I never pursued it. I know it doesn't fix close vision, but if I only needed reading glasses that would be great. I'm calling today for an appt. It's so frustrating strugggling to see all the time. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY INPUT, Kelly*
My husband had the worst vision and he got LASIK and now has 20/20 vision. He has been wanting me to get it as well, unfortunately I watched his procedure and can't bring myself to do it. My advice? Get it, but don't watch anyone else get it.
I was told a few years ago that I'd still have to have reading glasses at my age even if I did the Lasik. I'll be 57 in Nov. If you're a candidate, I'd say go for it. I wish I could do it. I've got a client who a swift moving cataracts and she had her eyes completely corrected and it was about $7000. I'd go for that in a heartbeat! I've pretty lucky, I've extremely nearsighted and have worked with no glasses on for years. Tried the contacts, had the same probs as you. I wish you the best and hope you can get it fixed.
As the above post states, if you get lasik, you will still need bifocals. They say you should get it done before you need bifocals because it is easier to correct. Go for one of those free consultations and see what they say.
I had lasik and it was great but, I now have really bad DRY eye! I did not have it before the lasik. It really affects my vision. My eyes are constantly scratchy and always red and the surface extremely dry.
Go for medical consultations to find out all your visual options. There are new medical procedures popping up all the time.
I wish you Good Luck.......but most of all, Good Health.
We don't sell products, we educate them!
Paula aka Blondies
I had lasik 10 years ago and it was great for 2 years then my eyes changed, the doctor said he could do it aqgain but could'nt say if my eyes would change again. couple thousand dollars waisted. Back to glasses i've worn all my life, they also said I could were contacts but my vision wouldnt be as good as with glasses. hope this helps.
I wear contacts for distance, and readers for close up, reading, doing nails, etc. There are progressive contact lenses on the market, check into them, they may work for you. I have some and my near and middle vision is great when wearing them - far distance not so much. So I don't wear them when I'm driving, but I might just need to tweak my prescription. Ask your optometrist for samples.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
I had lasik done in 1996 when I was 38, At that time they weren't doing both eyes at the same time like they do now. The doc said I probably would have to wear reading glasses in my 40's. I'm now 54 and just started with the reading glasses last year. I buy them at the dollar store! So my advice is to definitely go for it....imagine waking up and seeing right away!! Also, it's getting cheaper and cheaper. You won't regret it! and Goblondies, you should go back to the doctor & have your dry eyes checked, I don't think it has to do with the surgery. Good luck with whatever you choose.
Thank you for the encouragement, I needed to hear that today
I wear glasses, but do fine with contacts so I can't help on that...but I think I've seen a magnifying glass that could be attacted to your table. It's able to swing out of the way when not needed...maybe you could use this instead of the readers for up close?

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