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Wonder if the Valentino actually works??? Look and see
Here's a video I made to show people how the Valentino works. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or email me at [email protected]

There is a very good deal running right now on this wonderful machine Smile
Carla, what bit is that you're using?
Carla your so cute! Love your 'really real' videoSmile
& yes, the Valentino is the best dust collector I've ever used!
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what bit is that wow i need it and what bits do you use how do you clean them and how long do they last ! miss cutie, thanks vickie
I was considering about buy the Valentino, but after your video I think it really work.

Can you tell us where did you buy the drill bit, we love it too. lol
Nice vid, love the bling!.

I have some questions,
How much is the price for the good deal?
Do you have to empty it after every use?
Do you keep it in the same spot always, or you move it around when you don't need to file?
How often do you replace the filter?
I like your e-file do you mind sharing where you got it, and how much?

Thank you very much for all the info!. Big Grin
Hi everybody! Thanks for al the kind words Smile

Ok to answer your questions.

1. The bit I am using was sent to me from a friend in Germany along with my drill in an attempt to save my hands. After performing pink and white acrylic back fills 10 hours a day in the 90's my tendons are trashed. So she sent them to me as a gift and I have to say it has brought great relief to my hands along with some other things. I do distribute the drill bits-- they are pricey $60 each. However they last a long time. I have had mine since last June and they still work like they are brand new. Also the are such a dream to work with because they do not generate heat and they do not cut when they touch skin. I am working on the info for the drill. It is so light and really easy on the hands. I will post when I have the name & info on it. Just so you know everything from Germany is wonderful and expensive. Gels, drills, paints, brushes- everything I have from that country is the best! Ok so enough about Germany's great products.

2. Clean the bits with soap and water and a brush, dry them and place in EPA-registered disinfectant for ten minutes. Let air dry. Store in closed container labeled clean.

3. The good price for the deal is $269 regular price is $349. This is the number 888-390-4259 ask for Vicki and tell her Carla sent you. You empty it just like I showed you after every use and then replace the filter once a week. I have a roll about next to my table you can see it in the video behind me with my unblinged Valentino sitting on it. I leave it there when I am not using it. If you are using it for fumes you can work right over it.

i want that bit, I dont care if its 160 dollars. It is way worth it. how do we contact you for purchase. thanks for sharing, vickie polished girl
I am interested in the drill bit! Thanks
I'm interested in the bit, too. Will it fit a MediCool?
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