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i have been using protein bond on all my enhancement clients.. is there any product/ primer that you use for heavy lifters?? i got a client last week that goes to another nailtech in the shop for manicures.. her polish lasts about 3 days she tells me.. she used to have "chop shop" enhancements 10 years ago and even those would lift on her.. what product would you recommend as a primer for a client like that, when doing enhancements, which is what she wants for a special occassion?
thks!! (its been quite a week with difficult clients!)
Wow..maybe try an acid primer first..and let it dry really good..and then do a protein bonder on top of that. Obviously makimg sure the nail plate is clean and free of debris/oil beforehand. But some ppl just have that kind of chemistry and it just is what it is!! Wink
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You could try two different things, the first would be cure the P.B. in the lamp about a minute before applying your base gel. The other is to go on T.E.N.'s website and buy some Linkage. It's the strongest bonding primer out there. It's a bit finicky to work with, takes special care to keep it from drying in the bottle but it's an awesome primer for prob lifters.

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