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CND Shellac Removal Wraps and Gel Removal
Does anyone use the CND removal wraps? I like them but only for Shellac. I find I have trouble using these with other gels. I soak for 15 mins, apply the wraps correctly but the gel has barely lifted around the edges.

I personally prefer cotton and foil but have no access to foil in my salon. The owners like the CND wraps because they "look nice". Multiple technicians have mentioned that these wraps aren't very useful but the owners tend to listen only to the "lead manicurist."

Any ideas about how to make gel removal quicker and easier on myself?

Would they let you use foil if you brought it in yourself? Maybe at least to show to them how much easier it makes your job? You can get a huge roll of foil at the Dollar Tree for $1; it tears easily so you can just rip it into squares on the edge of a table.
I agree with them that cotton and foil looks kind of "homemade" and not professional. I like the Graham HandsDown wraps. I find they are much less fiddly than the CND wraps and they look very professional.
I would just bring in my own foil and let them know its more effective for you. And actually, true hard gel cannot be 'soaked off' bcuz its non porous. You have to file gels off. I normally take the bulk down w/ a carbide and hand file the rest--so not to file the natural nail too thinly.
Soo unless you are using a soakable gel such as Nailites Gentle gel or Akzentz Options line--- you arent going to get very far with wraps w/ Smile

I dunno how unprofessional foil me, it doesnt one way or the I would just let them know what works better for you..and btw....what do the stylists use for their hilights?? Foil or paper???
Just a thought...Wink
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
I doubt they would let me use my own cotton and foil. Nearly every single technician (out of about 20) hates those CND wraps. I had to use those on toes a couple times. Took me more time to wrap them then it did to actually remove the gel! The owners think all soak off gels are Shellac. I might try running to the deli next time and ask for a piece of foil anyway.

We are only equipped to remove soak off gels as our lowest grit file is 240 grit. We did have a couple people with hard gel come in for removal and it was not fun. No one understood it was hard gel not acrylic. Took me nearly 3 hours!

Scotch Tape & Rhinestones
NYC Based Nail Artist
(09-09-2012, 08:52 AM)scotchtapeandrhinestones Wrote: We are only equipped to remove soak off gels as our lowest grit file is 240 grit. We did have a couple people with hard gel come in for removal and it was not fun. No one understood it was hard gel not acrylic. Took me nearly 3 hours!

There's your problem. If you are trying to soak off any other gel polish besides Shellac, you need to score the topcoat with a file. A 240 isn't going to cut it (I use a 100 for this). Tell the owners this is the problem. Even with foil and cotton, it won't speed up the removal. You need to be able to score the gel top coat so that the acetone can penetrate.

Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
So the owners don't believe me or won't listen. They won't get foil even if it will save them money and they don't want to buy more files. I just told them I won't do any gel removals as I'm not comfortable prying gel off my clients's fingers. : (
Scotch Tape & Rhinestones
NYC Based Nail Artist
This problem about getting foils sounds crazy. Get a box of Reynolds pre cut, pop up foil sheets. They are $1 for 25 at Dollar Tree. Larger boxes at Sams Club or in beauty supply store (used for coloring). Cut in 8 pieces... ( rip in half, then rip those in half, then those in half on the edge of your table). Wrap down from the top with remover saturated cotton, and then twist the end by the free edge and fold up over the top of the nail. It stays pretty neat if you do it this way.

Buy one or two 100 grit sanitizable files for your personal use to break the seal on soak off gel topcoats.

Your customers will thank you for removing the gel properly.

easy setup easy cleanup - one time expense. great for soakable gel removal but designed for removing artificial nails. all info on site



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