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Recommendations for a good foot lotion that's not greasy!
I use and love my vaseline intensive rescue therapy but I find that when I apply this to myself at night, I feel slick in my sandals the next day. Is there a good lotion out there that moisturizes well without the greasiness?

I have avojuicie, cnd lotions but don't find they moisturize enough for me.
Try one of the Footlogix mousses, I swear by them.
Laura Merzetti
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Toronto, Ontario Canada
I use the Hempz lotions and it soaks in well and doesn't leave the foot greasy. I've tried the one sold by that name from Wal Mart, don't use it, it's definitely greasy! I get mine from the beauty supply.
I second the Hempz. Love it,,,and it makes a great retail item. I get mine from my tanning lotion supplier,,,a little cheaper than I can get it at the beauty supply.
April, Nails by April

Thanks guys!
i also love Qticas heel balm in the black tube. I wouldnt say its 'greasy'..but its emolient. I love to do my massage with it cuz its not as slick as most lotions. Especially in the winter time use of this is excellent. Just an fyi Smile
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