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Will someone please explain this to me

I know this is a made-in-China gel polish product Blush. I stumbled across this on ebay and I've never seen this technique before. Any one who has seen this before or can explain how this effect is achieved (as the directions are not very clear) I would appreciate it.
apply in this order:

gel polish (gelish, Shellac, Gelcolor etc...) base coat/cure

dark color coat (black, brown, blue, anything dark/cure

apply contrasting light color coat
use a dotting tool or end of brush with this "gel assist" product and apply to uncured light color coat. Product disperses top layer./cure

gel topcoat/cure
Christrio has something like this on their web site or did several years ago. I still have the pic of it that came on the back of their catalog. The way they did it was to put down a layer of colored gel, don't cure yet, then put drops of a contrasting gel on the nail. Let it spread a bit til you get the effect you want. You can even help it a little bit with a dotting tool but you need to remember the bottom layer is not cured. If I were doing, I'd cure the base color layer then use a thin clear layer to drop the other color on. That way if you mess up or don't like the effect, you don't have to completely start over.
I believe Young Nails has a tutorial on their website. It's very easy to do.....I've only used Young Nails products to do it, but I'm sure you could use other products.

The steps I used were:

Base - cure
Light brown color with a little glitter - cure
Darker brown color (applied thin to medium) do not cure!
Drop clear gel (I used regular ManiQ gel, not ManiQ color)
The clear gel separates the color so you get those spots.
Cure, then apply a top coat.

The only problem I had was working fast enough and using the right amount of clear gel. The more you use, the bigger the spots. So it took me a few tries to get it right.
Oh ok I knew this couldn't be new. I think the effect is cool looking. Thanks
I like to use a light color first, cure, then lay down a darker color and without curing--se a dotting tool with some top sealer to dot it on and it disperses the dark color revealing the light color, then cure.
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