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Pedicure Gel
I like to add pedicure gel to my services in the summer, because of the cooling feel, however I'm never sure the correct time to use it. Do you use it in place of lotion? or do you use in before you put the lotion on? or after you put the lotion on?

any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks
Not sure when would be a good time to use it. I can only imagine the shock of the coolness of it after the foot being so warm from being in the foot bath and wrapped in towels. I'm thinking I might not like that shock Confusedhock: . It could be something you add during the hottest months, especially to ppl who've been on their feet all day.
In the winter I do a deep moisturizing treatment with the warm booties and then in the summer I switch and use the gel treatment and wrap the feet in dry towels. My clients really seem to enjoy the warmth in the winter and the cooling effect in the summer. Then after they've relaxed for a bit, I then do the lotion and massage.
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Thanks so much for your input. Looks like it's not used much, however,I like the idea of wrapping the feet in towels with it. I guess I'll play around with it & see what the clients enjoy best. Thanks again
I've had the cooling gel experience as a client, and I think she put it on after the lotion but before the polish. The lotion was lighter and had fully absorbed by the time she applied the gel. I liked it, BUT it was very cool and I would have liked a LESS cool feeling. It would have been PERFECT is she mixed a bit of the cooling gel IN with the lotion! I think less is more on the gel, but it felt so nice and I would use it sparingly.

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