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I always told my hubby i never wanted to expand my shop cause there just seems to be too much B.S. (bull sh*% and baby sitting) that comes with it!! When i was approached by a girl that is certified in a new up an coming trend, i did some research and thought this could bring some great business through the door. She is technically still enrolled in cosmetology school (paying but on hyatis due to having a baby). Apparently the company that certified her for this service told her that made it legit to work in a salon without having finished her schooling yet.
Before she started renting from me, i required she obtain liability insurance, which i know she did. And get her DBA, which i THOUGHT she did. Shame on me for taking her word. A few weeks go by, business is really picking up, she runs a online coupon special and sells almost 100 of them! I had nothing to do with the special, it has her name and number but bc she is located in my salon, my name is on it, so i do get the occasional call for it (we use our own cell phones for bus phones).
I kept telling her she needs to get her DBA hung up and i would get the run around until finally one day i got the truth of "I havent gotten it yet". (Skipping over the ugly drama filled yelling part that i so never wanted to deal with...)
The next day she goes to get her DBA. The state (NY) tells her that #1 you would need an area renters lic as well and bc u are not done w school u cannot do that, meaning she's no longer honoring these coupons that have my salon name on them!!! Or
#2 you can continue to perform ONLY this service that she is certified in bc she is in school but only IF she becomes an employee of the salon! I NEVER wanted to go that route, how much of a prob is it? She is growing and so is my business. HELLLLLPPPP

So hopefully if anyone takes the time to read my novel, any suggestions would be so appreciative
maybe do the employee bit until she's thru with schooling then change her status at that point. I've never encountered anything like this before. I do know one thing, I'd sure do my OWN checking when someone tells me something that might make a difference in my salon. There are NO shortcuts when it comes to the schooling part, if she stands by that, I'd sure be talking with someone with the co. that told her that!!
There is a laundry list of things you need to do to have an employee - getting and EIN, setting up unemployment and workman's comp and paying the premiums, matching her social security/med taxes (7.65%) and withholding taxes for her and paying them quarterly. You will also need to then add her on to your business insurance, because anything she does wrong - YOU are responsible for. I personally think this is the better way to go, but it is no doubt a lot of work.

I think the bigger question is do you really want to have someone who lied to you working in your salon? She seems to have cut some corners (not finishing school), lied to you about the DBA, and maybe even lied to you that she was told it was okay for her to do the service? Red flags all over the place. I wouldn't have anyone working in my salon who I didn't trust, believe in and know without a doubt that what they offer outweighs the extra work/stress that I would have added to my plate.
Nail Tech/Owner
What service is this that we are talking about? Rules vary from state to state, but sometimes even employees of the county/state aren't 100% clear on what does and does not require a license (for instance, here in VA you do not need any license beyond a business license to do eyelash extensions). I would first double check the facts before you figure out what needs to be done. As a renter, she should not be preforming any services that she does not hold a license for, and if she is, you may need to not only take her on as an employee, but an apprentice (once again, check the facts!).

I agree though, this girl is sounding like trouble.
She lied. Period. I wouldn't have her in my salon doing anything regardless of her status as a booth renter, employee, etc. And if she lied about one thing she's lied about others....or will in the future. And if she's lied to you she's lied to customers....that can't help your business.

I'd get rid of her.

Just my 2 cents.
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC
She is LONG gone! And now the situation has just become uglier (check out my other post "what a scam") that will explain things for you. I guess it doesnt pay to be a nice, caring person these days!!!

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