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Funny new client today...
Just had to share, because I know many of you have experienced THIS client! Confused Well... maybe not all in one person!

New client today, who sought me out specifically by referral - she's been going to non-standard salons for years, her nails are thrashed, and she wanted better quality nails.

1) She insisted that she is horribly allergic to acrylic, so I must use gel... you guessed it, she's wearing that "special" gel that is made by dipping into a liquid, then a powder, because she ONLY wears gel. I said no problem, but I will use my "special" gel of the honey-like consistency.

2) When I explained I don't nip cuticles unless absolutely necessary for skin sticking up (she had none), she insisted and repeatedly told me to nip them all and was very frustrated when I wouldn't, even though her cuticles looked fabulous at the end

3) Her nails appeared horribly soft and thin under her existing product and when I was filing off the old acrylic I discovered three nails that appeared to have fungus on them, she was fine with not having anything new applied, but she wanted me to actually REMOVE the infected nails and was frustrated when I wouldn't.

4) My plan was to thin the product out, but not remove it all the way because the nails were so soft that I thought they needed a little protective covering (I'm fairly certain it was illegal product), she again tried to insist I remove everything and said she didn't care if her nails fell apart... what?

5) Three separate times when I was trying to explain the reasons for what I was doing, when it became clear I wasn't going to do what she wanted, she actually spoke these words: "Just stop talking now."

6) I was just going to put clear OPI topcoat on and throw away the mini bottle, but she said she was allergic to OPI and I couldn't use it, so no polish...

7) Then on to the pedicure... oh, it's fine to use the OPI on my toes, I'm only allergic on my hands...

Huh. She entertained me, hopefully she entertained you as well. Tongue
Nail Tech/Owner
Wow! That's a WTF moment for sure!
Haha. "Funny" is not the word I'd have chosen. :-P
I don't know how you put up with her! Good for you though, cause there is no way I could have done it.
...I think this is the perfect time to announce that I am working on putting the finishing touches on .
I forgot the part where she called a furniture store while getting her pedicure, the first words she said to the person who answered: "Are you the person I complain to, or do you not handle that? I want to talk to the person I can complain to, because I'm really unhappy." Surprisingly, the person she could have complained to was unavailable and would call her back. She told me some chairs she ordered were supposed to be in last week, but now they won't be here until next Thursday. I tried to be a little understanding, and ask where she found the chairs she likes, and she said "Oh, you wouldn't know them, it's a designer out of X..." How can you not just laugh?

Maybe the strangest thing about this all - she was very complimentary about my salon and all the client perks that I offer, both before and after the services. Plus I heard her also make a very concerned call to a friend who is injured and she was very loving. She thanked me nicely at the end and tried to tip me, and was pleasantly surprised to not need to... I think she honestly had no IDEA how insulting the rest of her behavior was.
Nail Tech/Owner
Of course you wouldn't know them. Your are a lowly nail girl. What possibly would you know about these things?
Wow, wow, WOW! Grrrrr lol
And the beat goes on.........
Always be get farther.
That part about not knowing a particular designer is so beyond insulting it isn't even funny.
No the "Just stop talking now" would've baited me.
Yeah, I'd say the "just stop talking" part was the thing that zinged me the most. She's Asian (not Vietnamese, based on how she talked about them), and I wonder, is it a cultural thing to be this way with those you consider your inferiors? Or is it the English as a second language thing? Either way... not cool.
Nail Tech/Owner
Wowser, ya have a great attitude, cause she sounds like a BIG PITA to me!! Down here were I live, we have been taught to be polite and courteous to people. In all my years of life I have noticed that people raised in other countries don't have the manners that we do and perceive things differently and that certainly includes some asian communities.

I had someone like her that told me from the moment she walked in to the moment she left how to do my job. Even talked to her about it, had a go to Jesus talk is what we call it down here. Didn't do a bit a good! The one thing that I noticed is that during all that time I tried to put up with her my new business dropped. As soon as she decided to go somewhere else (thank gawd) my new business started back up and has been going strong since.

She isn't worth putting up with hun! Best to let the negative ones go cause they will surround you with negativity!! Wink
Oh, don't get me wrong, she won't be back. Smile Just not worth a big hole in my schedule to just give her the boot that day.
Nail Tech/Owner
Just in reading your posts and getting an idea Regarding the professionalism you offer I am very surprised that you allow cell phone use in your business. What is your thought on cell phone usage by the technician or the client.
I don't allow cell phone use at the manicure table by the client, because I need their hands and their full attention. During pedicures I allow the client to use their phone, though I encourage them to just turn it off and enjoy their treatment!

For myself, I don't take calls when I'm with a client, and my voicemail tells people that - this is VERY much appreciated by my clients, because they get my full attention!
Nail Tech/Owner
Isn't it interesting how things work different in other areas and from salon to salon. Down here, if you don't answer the phone they don't leave a message, especially new business. They pass ya up real quick and head on to the next place, thanks to the chop shops. So if I don't answer the phone I lose new business. Sure can't afford to do that!! However, I don't spend a lot of time on the phone, so my clients don't mind and they know I am conducting business, not just chit chatting on a personal call.

At the same time, I have never felt it was very polite to tell my clients, who are paying me for a service, they can't use their phone. I do however, indicate to them I need their hand and if they need to switch their phone back and forth, then so be it. And then there are some that are considerate enough to not answer their phone while getting a service. So either way, it works for both of us.

Ya know, I figure clients are coming to me because they don't want crappy work, they like the atmosphere I have to offer and it is an escape from their hectic life. So the less rules and regulations I have stipulated for them the better and more relaxing a visit for them and me! Just have to figure out what works best for you and your clients. There is nothing written in stone that ya have to do it only one way.
You sound a little upset - maybe the implication in the question itself that answering is unprofessional. Smile This isn't really a matter of region - in the salon where I was a booth renter we had a receptionist, but she couldn't always get to the phone - any of us who was at a good stopping point would grab the phone if she wasn't there. People expected that phone to be picked up during regular hours! In my shop people know it's just me...

Not picking up during services is a courtesy to the client in my chair - and since my voicemail tells people this, they seem happy enough to leave a message, even new people. Those who don't leave messages because they can't be reached easily usually try back again. Those who don't leave messages because they're impatient are likely not an ideal candidate for my salon. I work primarily on referral, so people are generally calling because they are specifically looking to book with me. As for whether my clients would "mind" if I took business calls, you're right, many wouldn't mind and some have even said it's okay when my phone rings multiple times. However, I choose to focus on the person in front of me, as I know that many of them spend much of their time caring for others and I really want to give them a time that is just for them. Personal preference, and again maybe it comes down to the demographics of your clientele. I have three clients who are primary caregivers for spouses with dimentia and alzheimer's, a client with cancer, and others with various other issues - it's all about them when they are in my chair.

As for it being impolite to tell clients who are paying that they can't use their phone - it's not about being bossy, it's about keeping oils and hair off their nails when we're trying to get things to stick to them. It's also about not wanting them to get gel and dust on their face and in their hair. That's why I don't allow it at the table (starting from the time their nails are cleaned), but do when we're doing a service where they won't mess up their nails and get crap on themselves in the process. When I cleanse the nails, I tell them, ok your nails are going to be clean and then sticky until the end when I wipe off the tacky layer - which is all of what? 20 minutes they can't touch their phone? Smile I have clients who are financial planners and bank managers who never touch their phones when they're in the salon because they know the value of a break.

Obviously nothing is written in stone that you have to do it one way. Someone asked how I do things and I answered - this was, after all, a thread about something that happened in my salon.

Nail Tech/Owner

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