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Special Effect tut, ripped off nail ( gory effect! ) video.
Ok I was just browsing youtube and I came across this a little late for Halloween but since its a nail special effect "make-up" shall we say, I though you might like to see it.
This looks pretty dang real, and I warn you a little gory, as if she really ripped her nail off ( in half anyway ).
It does look real! So nasty!
OMG!!! That is so cool!!!

You could take it a step further and add some injuries to the knuckle/finger/surrounding skin to make it look like it's been caught in a door or something.

She's a clever lady that's for sure.

Thanks Sobeit for posting thisSmile
That was wayyyyy cool! My Juggalo kids will love it.
Always be get farther.
I am thinking next Halloween since it should be a work day for me that it would be hilarious to wear one as my "costume". But then I don't thing we could wash our hands between clients without it coming off. Sigh. Oh well it really is crazy looking.
Yer I don't think this look would last with having to wash our hands so much.

But it would be good for a added touch to a Halloween costume.
BrilliAnt!!!!! I'm a fan of nails and f/x makeup, and this was awesome!!

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