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Quintessence Nails anyone?
I talked to another nail tech that swears by Quintessence nail system. Has anyone else tried it? Supposed to be no harmful chemicals or odors, and much better for clients nails. I am so sick of acrylics and the smell....and I have only tried Axxium Gels, and am not so great at it. My best friend that does nails in another area just tried Light Elegance and loves it. But before I invest in yet ANOTHER new system, I thought I would get some feedback on Quintessence. I've heard people call it 'glass nails' and couldn't figure out what the heck it was...I guess there is no dispersion layer. The website claims it is easy to work with, and can go longer without fills, and that the product blends so well there is no fill lines.....Thanks for any feedback ladies!
Checked their website, so here are my comments, hun. Ya can't have polymer w/o using chemicals. Other nail products do not have HARSH chemicals or we wouldn't be able to use them. Nail products do not damage the nails, it's the nail tech that does the damage. I question the comment about organic, that is unclear, especially if they are using polymers. And no gel line has odors and there are plenty other gel lines that don't have the sticky layer.

The comment about nail companies using chemical not designed for nails is very inaccurate, especially nowadays. Etching the nail is no longer needed for any nail product to adhere to the nail plate. And since I'm not a chemist I can't comment on the chemical comments.

But just based on what I read I would really question their product line, because so far most of what they stated is hype and inaccurate.
I also find it funny that they claim you can go longer between fills. Based on the fact that clients need a fill in 2 - 3 weeks because of their nail growth, how can they claim that they can go longer? Are they slowing down how fast the clients nails are growing?

Anytime I read information from a company stating that their products have no chemicals/are organic, are much better for the clients nails, etc, I just laugh and move on. I agree with what Luvglitter stated about it being a bunch of hype and inaccurate.
I agree with the comments above. That co. has been around a loooong time and has been making those very untrue statements for the entire time. If you want to try a poly gel, try TEN, Tuff Enuff Nails owned Brenda Anderson. It's a poly. I'm going to give you this word of advice, tho, it's not a gel for a beginner, imo. It's a bit thinner than most gels, if you apply it too thickly there's going to be a big heat spike and your clients will not like that! It IS a good product and with proper technique you can learn to how to use it correctly.

My suggestion is that you go with a system that provides great videos for you to learn from, such as L.E., Young Nails, or Akzentz. All of these systems are user friendly and there's enough people on this board to help you trouble shoot any problems you have. I wouldn't advise using TEN until you've learned how to do a controlled application of gel.
Thanks, those are all good points. Love this board for bouncing things off other nail professionals! I am looking into the Light Elegance. I'm glad I asked before I bought the Quintessence..being new at gels it would have been a disaster! Blush

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