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Wedding Parties
I am always happy to do wedding parties. My question is ,how would u all feel about being given only one hour for each girl to do a manicure / pedicure ? Would this freak you out ? My fellow tech and I just did eight girls today together ,and ,they were all soooo nice ,but we had no wiggle room for anything.... ! Any thoughts ,or similar experiences I would love to hear ,because ,even though we managed, and they were all very sweet ,both of us felt super rushed, and somevof them ,locals ,may never return , since we could not tend to them appropriately...a lot of them needed or wanted things that normally we could do fabulous jobs on ,but ,as I said ,we only had one hour for each girl to do mani pedi, and a lot of them wanted gel polish.....whew !
The decision to offer your services and time to "wedding parties" needs to be yours:
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
I worked in a salon in Gatlinburg, TN that did nothing except wedding parties. We could do hair, nails, pedis, and make-up on parties of 5 in about 2- 2 1/2 hours. I guess as far as the nail end of it, just do what you have to and get them looking good. This is not the time for all out exfoliation and massage- if you are going to do that have them come a day ahead. There were 3 of us and as one got finished with nails, she was rooled on hot rollers and into the make-up chair. It takes sticking to a schedule and not allowing for extras.
Always be get farther.
This is exactly what I've been freaking out about for the last 3 Weeks lol. I started a new job and we have only 30 mins to do pedis and about 25 mins for manis or gel polish. I'm coming from a place where I spent an hr on each for the past 11 yrs. I too feel that I'm not able to give a good service but trust me I try very hard. I also feel like most clients won't return based on the actual service alone. It is rushed , but maybe I'm just old and falling apart lol
I wldnt like that at all....we do a mani/pedi special that each is done in an hour....(the special i mean) but thats only a mini manicure. If they want shellac...more time is needed for sure. It normally takes an hour to do a complete gel mani....but i am anal and very thorough...but thats why their manis are lasting for a month at a time!!! Shorter service times means shoddy work. Its a fact.
But weddingparties shld be handled before they even get to the salon. Meaning they shld have all their services scheduled with everytg they want..and except for and the bride-- no exceptions. And. I dunno if u all charge a certain tip with so many ppl...but we just had four girls in the other day. They had wine and cheese and three of them got 45 min massages and all four of them got pedis and shellac. Wanna know how much of a tip we got for all that work?? $30 to split between 3 of us...Plus 3 of them were groupons!!!!! They got a HUGE discount firstly and then didnt even tip us well.
Well thats how it goes
..sorry...but yes...we are going to include the tips quoted in the price for over 4 or more in a party.
Just something to think about.
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
This cramming in of services is actually one of the things that prompted me to leave the salon I was booth renting in early last year. There was going to be a wedding party wanting hair and a bunch of pedicures. We had two pedi stations, but about 4 of us did pedicures (I was the only nail tech, the others are cosmos) - the salon owner wanted to bring an extra chair in and put it on the floor - and have someone sit on the floor to do pedicures for that "station". Not only would that create a very crowded room (about 150 square feet with two pedi platforms, a nail table and retail shelving), it wouldn't have been compliant with fire codes (blocking the exit), and no way would we be providing the same level of service. No one could understand why I didn't like the idea... Smile

Now that you've had this experience (and survived it Smile ), now would be the time to ask for a meeting with everyone involved to discuss how it went and pre-plan for how the experience could be improved. You know how much time it takes to do a given service properly, and in my opinion if your normal mani/pedicure takes an hour and a half, you are doing your clients a disservice to shorten it to only an hour, assuming you are charging the same rate as for a full service! Bottom line, every client should get the full service (unless they're late).

By planning ahead you can calculate ways to save time without shortening the actual service, here are a few ideas:
-soaking their feet at the nail table while they are getting their manicure if one tech is doing both services
-moving them from the pedi chair to a "lounging" area while their polish dries so that you can start the next
-share the client - assign some techs to just do manicures, some to do pedicures, if you do this then the person doing the pedicures can stagger clients somewhat - do the first pedi all the way to just before polish (prep & file, soak, callus smoothing, massage (put warm booties on them) - then go to the second pedi and prep & file, soak (this takes about 8 minutes)- then back to the first to polish - then go back to the second for callus smoothing, massage, booties - then start the third... you get the idea! Even if your regular pedi doesn't include the heated booties, adding it in as a "perk" that also helps you streamline will be a big hit.

If you run these numbers and still can't offer full services in the time allowed, have a game plan prepared for an altered (shortened) service and charge accordingly. If they know coming in that you can't do full services and won't be charging full price then at least they will know they got what they paid for.

Nail Tech/Owner
Our service times do not change for wedding parties. 45 min for a basic pedi, and 30 for a basic mani. The only way we could get done faster is by having two techs do the mani and pedi at the same time. Also we have an automatic gratuity of 17% for parties of six or more.

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