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Wanting to buy LED Light HELP?
Hi, I do Gel Nails only in my shop & have a 2 handed UV Light but I think I would LOVE the LED more, but not for sure Sad
Also I have been having a few clients that for some reason their left hand the pinkie won't cure for being too close to the edge which I have a note on the light that states KEEP HAND IN MIDDLE! lol
So could someone help me on which is the best one & is it a good move?
Thanks so much![/b] has a UV/LED for $249.95 thinking maybe that's the one that would work great! Any info would be greatly appreciated .............Thanks!
Thank You, Linda Smile
I purchased a Gelish LED lamp back in January and paid about $300 for it. It works well and I love how fast it is! I went to the IBS show in June and purchased another LED lamp - this time from Artistic Color Gloss (who they say is a sister company to Gelish) and from what I remember, I believe I paid less than $150. It works exactly the same as the more expensive lamp and is quite a bit lighter, which I prefer. Those are the only two LED lamps I have used, but I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another one as they have cut quite a bit of time off my services!
Thanks & I was thinking the same as far as less time! Smile I'm use to a 2 handed but don't think they have those which I'm sure I wouldn't need a 2 handed with the fast cure time!
Thank You, Linda Smile
Ladies I have the lamp in hand now and I hope to use it some tomorrow. While the unit itself is a little on the larger size it looks very well made. The bulb placement looks really good for a full hand UV cure. I have not used a LED brand yet, so I can't really comment on the LED bulb placement. I have to assume they did their homework on that!

The bottom slides out nicely, and has a little "click stop" when you slide it back in, so if you pick it up by the part that slides out (I am so guilty of that all the time!) it should not come flying out chancing a drop of the rest of the lamp to the floor.

I haven't yet plugged it in but I did look at the instructions. The electronic timer buttons and switching from LED to UV looks like it is pretty straight forward.

I have heard from several techs who actually got their lamp before I did, they are all very pleased with it so far.

Oh, and I think a BIG point is it is heavy, so no heavy you will need a fork lift, but it has some weight to it. This means it has the magnetic ballast as opposed to the electronic ballast, and that is good news.

Check it out here
[Image: 662900.jpg]

lindac, I think this was covered, but I can not find it, so I will mention this again. You should not be using a LED lamp on gels that were not formulated to cure with LED. The gel will appear cured but it is not properly cured and you could have overexposure issues develop on your clients. Check with the brand of gels and particular line of those brands that you use, some are made to be cured with LED, some are not.

Lorraine, webgirl
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