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What is....
Your favorite gel polish system and why?
Gelish...not fussy and stays on ! Lots of colors ,you dont have to shake it ,and not that many colors shrink ,and even if they do ,a little adjusting does the trick ! Smile
I have to agree I like gelish the best.
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Mani-Q - Boring names but great product
I like gelish also. The fact that they have the structure gel as an additional step to add a bit more strength has converted many of my enhancement clients.
I use mani-Q and Gelish and like both, but hands down mani-Q outperforms Gelish and never starts to cure in the bottle!
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CandiceAE ,what are some good Mani Q colors ,I want to try some ,but hard to choose...any recommendations truly appreciated...Smile
Nobody uses the Orly gel fx?
In my salon we mainly use Gelish, but also have ManiQ. We tried the YN ManiQ top and base, but find we prefer Gelish's top and base. So, we use those with the ManiQ colors. The only problem we have had, is some of Gelish's lighter colors actually change color. I haven't had any problems with Gelish curing in the bottle.
Wowser, no likes for Shellac?? That's all I use. LOVE IT!!
I love Shellac!!! I have been adding Gelish because of the color choices, but use Shellac top and base with it. To those of you that use the whole Gelish system, how much do you need to file/buff the top coat before you soak it off? I had someone come in with it on and took forever to get it off. I am NOT a fan of the OPI GelColor. Nothing but problems with it. My clients don't like it either. Sad
Shellac Smile
The colors don't fade/turn dirty. Applies smooth and it doesn't shrink away from the cuticle or free edge, Soaks off clean and fast. Lasts 2 weeks

OPI is my second choice. Nice to have it for additional colors. Takes longer to soak off. Shrinks a little at the free edge and cuticle (some colors, esp darks)
I use Gelish, Axxium, & Young Nails. I find that it's not a specific "brand" that each client likes, but a specific color that stays better than others. Usually those with shimmer, sparkle, metallic, or glitter are the colors that work best.
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Shellac hands the others doesnt shrink back at all, it goes on so much better and lasts for a long time. I also use Gelish and OPI but I solely use Shellac top/base coat with everything. Shellac t. I truly is the easiest to remove with NO buffing, NO breaking seals...etc. All you do is wrap, sit and it comes right off!
I do like the OPI too. Like its all I use now for my french's-- bubble bath and alpine snow.... I love the white because it NEVER wrinkles...its made my life so much easier. Yes, you do have to get used to it, cuz its different than Shellacs white... but it does take getting used to...I had a client come in yesterday that had a french from a month ago..and it looked FAB !!! Love gel polish..all of them Smile
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