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Other uses for White Polish
Ok maybe not the the best idea, but it workedBig Grin. A few weeks ago I had colored my hair in my WHITE bathroom. Yup! a WHITE Bathroom!
You guessed it I got brown color spots on the wall near my sink. I scrubbed it as soon as I saw it , but it was too late.
So today I went to the store and bought Scotch sponge thing, like the Magic eraser thing. It took some of my paint (very small spot) off the wall. I knew that would happen thank God my wall is textured. Did it take the color out? yeah sort of, but I can now see the difference between the spot and the rest of the wall. So I take out my OPI Desire and sure enough it worked great to cover the spots perfectly!
Now my wall looks nice again and I will not be coloring my hair in there anymore. Hubby was annoyed, but not mad. He is such a nice guy. If he had done that I would have been all kinds of bent.

Thought I would share my experience cause I know you all can relate!
Funny reading this story .......Last week did a touch up with color wand in my bathroom shook it a bit and yeppers went all over the place-mirror, counter,wall and sink IMMEDIATELY looked at my clothes and safe. lol ..Lesson like in polish or whatever make sure lid is tight !!!! :0)
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