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Salonwear Uniforms
Hi guys,

I am brand new to this forum, and I really wanted to pick your brains about a few things.

I am a beauty uniform supplier based in the UK, and we are branching out into the USA over the next few months. (I'm not trying to sell you any uniforms I would just really appreciate some help!)

If you could please spare 2 minutes to answer my below questions that would be amazing (plus any other advice about the uniform industry!)

Our website is:

- Do all Beauticians in America wear professional uniforms?
- Do you buy your salonwear online or in a store?
- What fabric is best for your uniform?
- How do our Salonwear styles and colours compare with what else is on the US market?
- How do our prices compare to uniforms in the States?
- What do we need to do to appeal more to therapists in the USA?

I wanted to come directly to you guys - the beauty professionals of America! Big Grin

If anyone is interested in any of our uniforms then please message me and I will send you a discount code - I didn't want to post it on here because then you will think I'm trying to sell our salonwear to you when I said I wasn't!!

Thanks so much,

Salonwear Heart
I have been going to salons in three states for forty years and have never been in one where the stylists wear a uniform unless it was a higher end chain or a spa at a resort! I would imagine that in those cases the purchasing decision was made at the corporate level.
Nail Tech/Owner
Thanks Candice. Do you know if stylists/therapists wear uniforms when they are training in school?

We wore nurse's scrubs where I went to school.
Nail Tech/Owner
Thanks Candice, appreciate the info.

If anyone else has any feedback that would be great!
(08-03-2012, 09:47 AM)salonwear Wrote: Thanks Candice. Do you know if stylists/therapists wear uniforms when they are training in school?

I just enrolled in to a small college with 51 cosmetologist students. They don't have an actual uniform. Here is the uniform guidelines (from your own closet, pretty much):

Students are expected to maintain a neat, clean, and professional appearance
at all times. Hair is expected to be worn in a modern style and well groomed
at all times. All clothing is to be clean and ironed. Make-up is to be worn
Uniform Top- Black clinic type with pockets may be worn open with a white
blouse, no shorter than hip bone length. A black apron may be worn in
conjunction with a beauty college T-shirt purchased through the school.
Blouse/Shirt- Any color shirt or blouse is acceptable. No low cut, halter or
midriffs showing. Hooded shirts are acceptable. No sweatshirts.
Pants/Slacks- Solid black only. No jeans (except for black), sweats, spandex,
loose or tight fitting allowed.
Skirts/Shorts- Solid black only. Skirts are to be no more than 4 closed finger
lengths from your knee. Shorts are to be a pleated, non cargo type.
Shoes- Black only. No open-toed, heels, high tops or slippers.
Socks/Underwear- Bra and panties are mandatory for females. Underwear is
mandatory for males. Socks must cover the ankle to protect the foot from hair

Black clinic type with pockets is as specific as they get and you purchase it from their supply shop.

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