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UV light causing cancer debate...
I know this has been discussed here before, but i had to post this ...
(hope it works.. if not just type it in)

I was soo mad about misinformed dr neal schultz...then i posted 3 posts reaming his butt.

I was so mad i may not have gotten it worded the right way...oh well

let me know if you look at it.
It's so sad to read some of the comments on there thanking this guy for warning them. It's just a shame. He is not doing any good deeds with this lie. I would say clients should wear sunscreen if they are worried or have had skin cancer on their hands already, but of course they should be wearing it all the time, well except at night lol. I am proud of you for standing up for us all and giving him a piece of your mind. People take a dr. Word like its gold. Now they will never understand why he is wrong.
My personal story. I had a bad reaction to the natural sun light a couple of years ago after watching an Airshow. I got hives everywhere and had to go get Cortisone shots. And then again before my wedding i tried tanning and had major hives and rash after 1 visit. That said I use the uv lamp daily on others and at least once a week on myself just to change nail art and such. I have yet to have any irritation from the uv lamp but anytime im outside i fry no matter the season. So the guy is wrong and She said i shouldnt have a reaction ever to the uv lamp but she reminded me that doesnt mean i can go get in a tanning bed now lol!!! When clients ask me about the lamp being scary like tanning beds i just tell them my Airshow story and that i havent had one hive or rash from using the uv lamp.
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
Ooooo that video ticked me off!
On another note Happy Holidays Lady's!!!!! Lol!
This quack has a facebook page:
Erick Westcott, CEO
Gelousy Gel Nail Systems
Some people just have no common sense. And with all the random and incorrect information flying around, clients don't know whats right and whats not. Stuff like this is making people scared to get gel nails (which is all I do).

I had a lady come in and ask me if she could get her nails done, but she has had skin cancer before. So all I could do is tell her to ask her oncologist, and he said no she cannot. So what is that to say to a newbie that has never heard of skin cancer being caused from a UV Gel Light, ever?

Doctors and nail factories are making things so hard for us to look professional and assure our clients that there is no risk to getting their nails done from us.
It's interesting that many of the comments that dispute his claim, keep getting deleted from the page. I posted there, suggesting that he research the independent study done, let's see how long it lasts.
Born to Bling~I have copies of the report, from the study regarding UV lamp safety that was done a few months back. You could keep a few copies on hand to give to those who have questions or concerns. Here's a link to it:
Light Elegance Educator
Thanks you, I will print this out and keep it on hand if this issue arises again Smile
You're welcome! Smile
BTW~My comment on that video, as well as another that I noticed someone else had made, only lasted an hour. Think I'll do it again, just for the fun of it. lol
Edited to share: I have been blocked by the owner of that video. Hmmm, guess he is not interested in the truth. Having a Doctor misinforming the public And be SO closed minded...That makes me very sad, angry too, but more sad.
Light Elegance Educator
I also put the link on his FB page pleading for some professional consideration and put the link to Dougs info there. I am going to do it on the Youtube vid as well.
Seems the ahh, "good" doctor does not like opinions that are not the same as his. I too, have been blocked.
Always be get farther.
I see that Erick has made a very professional post on the DermTV FB page and I am happy to see that it has actually remained there over night. Maybe there is some hope for this guy yet.
Light Elegance Educator
Ha!, They removed my post on the quack's Facebook page. They also banned me from further posting. Should I fight back or let it go?
Erick Westcott, CEO
Gelousy Gel Nail Systems
I vote for fight back. That's my plan too.
I only watched one of his videos and couldn't watch any more. He's a moron!! He has a video about not pushing your "cuticles" back because you will get an infection if you do. WTH?!!! Unfortunately people will believe anything he says because he's a Dr. Just like Dr. Oz. Ugh
I have a family member who has a double doctorate, and worked in cancer research for over a decade. He says (and I paraphrase and translate into non-scientist) firstly, basal cell carcinoma is the only type of skin cancer that can actually be linked to UV exposure, and even then, it's not life threatening, just disfiguring. You're more likely to get cancer from your deodorant. Actually, come to that, you can get cancer from the carcinogens in your sunscreen too. Wait, don't you have to be on birth control and subjected to regular pregnancy tests if you're on certain acne medications so babies aren't born with severe birth defects? 'Cause that sounds healthy and safe.
Nah. UV light is definitely more threatening.

In addition, as a dermatologist, he's not qualified to make statements about oncology. He's a glorified wart zapper. He's not even relaying correct information, just spinning certain tidbits out of context to further his own career.
sorry that all our posts got deleted or we got blocked....but im gad for the ones that seen it and read our posts whatever length of time they were up. thank you all for reading/watching/posting.

i have printed out dougs report he has posted as well and will have them as handouts at new salon!!!

again thank you all for looking/posting.


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