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Nail art and kids
So I'm newer to the nail industry and started working in a spa in a resort. Recently started doing nail art as an add on service. I'm the only nail tech out of the four of us that can do nail art but I only get 20% commission for it. Is this fair since not everyone can do it? I'm not trying to gripe. I'm new so I don't want to say anything but 20% is what all of us get for services but the nail art to me is more of a specialty. Anyways, I've found that my nail art stays just fine on adults but lately we have been having kids wanting nail art at the spa and time and time again the parents complain that the polish and nail art come off that night or the next day. I don't have these problems with adults. I just spent a lot of time doing three nail arts on girls 9, 11, and 12 and the parent came in very upset the next day that it was all almost off. And I didn't get paid commission on those services but I don't feel it was my fault. Regardless, I want the client to be happy and it's upsetting when this happens. I do everything I was taught with the base coat, two coats of polish and top coat over my nail art. I'm thinking maybe the kids aren't giving the nails ample time to dry not to mention the fact that they are kids and are way harder on there nails and less likely to be careful. Does anyone else ever have this problem? Is there a better top coat to use on nail art than 'out the door'? We use all OPI and CND products. I always make sure to properly cleanse the nail and clean it before any polish. My boss is like don't get upset over nail polish and this is after she tells me it cost the spa x amount of dollars to refund the client and make them happy. It's not just polish to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Jennifer, I've found through word of mouth that most children don't keep nail art or gel manis on for long, not just from picking, but because they seem to have a different texture or amount of oils on their nail. No matter how much you clean/dehydrate the nail from oils, they tend to pop off early. Occasionally you'll run into adults with the same thing.

You might be best off setting an age limit for your art, with the explanation that the oils in young nails/hands mean the art won't stay. If the Mom's decide they want to take that risk, at least you'll have warned them. Make a sign to back you up, if you're allowed.

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