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Christmas Nail pics*

Thanks for looking at these pics. This is the first Christmas nails ive done ever lol They are by no means perfect but i think they are cute. Practice practice practice is all Im doing Tongue
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
very pretty, I like the green and red ones!
thanks so much!!! I am doing another set for my aunt this was her daughters hands lol!! This time im going to try and smooth out the ridge on the green. and i need to upgrade my tools lol i forgot to have her pick me up those Martha Stewart Stylus tools at Michaels so i used toothpicks and the end of my gel brush lol
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
i just noticed ur new avatar pic it is awesome love them. how the goodness did u upload them? I have been trying to upload an avatar and cant figure it out.
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter

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