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PNI25AT Electric file..anyone?
Have found this efile and it looks promising price wise, hand piece doesn't look huge. Have a KUPA KP12 handpiece now that is discontinued and my back up is the same one so I am in need of 2 efiles actually. Any input on this one would be great!
I have this efile. the handpiece is bigger than what i am used to using....cant compare it to your kupa but, it is a super quiet drill with hardly any vibration. I was skeptical when i ordered it but thought if i didnt like it i could send it back. Ive had mine for about 9 months and really like it. Decent drill for a good price. If i could get a smaller handpiece for it, it would be perfect! Hope this helps!

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Have it, LOOOOVE it! The hand cradle cubby is nice. The box is small. It's quiet, the vibration is low, and if you like you can always change to a slimmer handpiece (although it'll cost you $125+). I like it's performance as much as I like my Erickas efile.
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