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I like Gentle Gel by Nailite but have a question
I received a sample of the clear gentle gel by nailite. I have been using it for toenail reconstruction. I was wondering if anyone has used this but with the pink? I would like to know if the pink would be better to camouflage the nail. I am concerned if it is too pink.
Also, do you use the Something Wonderful or can i use LCN bonder?
Or can I use 99% alcohol?
Um, Im pretty sure the Gentle Gel is a 1-step gel. Someone correct me if I am wrong...but always, always want to cleanse the nail plate with something...whether it be swipe, scrubfresh, alcohol, acetone...etc...and then YES....use the Something Wonderful...this will help with adhesion.

But honestly...I see alot of ppl on here saying they use gel for toenails...but I still prefer acrylic and the ability to scuplt and mold the shape as I go....Rolleyes

But the Something Wonderful can be used with any system. I even use it with regular polish, shellac and any other service I am performing...its an awesome product... HTH...
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
Thanks! I hope it is ok that i still used it without the something wonderful. I will order it.

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