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Your Business advice needed
Hello! I am looking into the possibility of growing my business by moving to a new location & hiring employees. I already have an appointment with a professional business advisor and plan to take a few classes through the development center as well. So, my question is, if you've been an Employee or a businees owner with employees, what advice and information can you share with me, someone who has only ever been a Sole Proprietor? All advice and information is appreciated, my goal here is to be as well informed as possible, before taking the Actual leap. TIA!! Smile
Light Elegance Educator
Hey Darcy - I met you at the Light Elegance booth at the Chicago show, and I think you would be an excellent business owner. You seem to have a lovely personality with incredible patience. I really enjoyed my one on one tutorial with you on how to do an "edge" nail - you are an excellent technician and with your skills you should have your own business. You are an asset to our profession. The Light Elegance folks are lucky to have you in their corner.

I think the hardest thing in owning a nail business is finding good technicians. They just don't seem to exist - at least in our area.

When you do find people, you have to manage them and that's when the fun begins. (I didn't really mean fun. It's just that people are people, and they do the darndest things. A very detailed employee handbook helps.)

You are welcome to call me anytime, if you want to know what some of those darndest things are...

Hi Jan! Thank you, you are Very kind. I do Love to share with other technicians, I am so glad that you enjoyed our time together and I look forward to doing it time make sure you share with me just who you are though, I love meeting those that I have an online connection with!
I am afraid that it could be difficult to find the right people, the official search begins next week! High standards, in Many areas, are important to me and while I plan to offer training to grow their skills, there does need to be a whole lot more of the right kind of qualities to a person, than just being able to do great nails.
Great suggestion on the handbook, it would define expectations for both parties. I will start searching online for some suggestions on compiling one while I wait for my meeting & classes to take place.
Thank you for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it! Smile
Light Elegance Educator

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