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Zoya polish and top coat
I love the colors of Zoya and bought a few. What is the best topcoat when using Zoya? I think some topcoats can cause it to chip faster.
Any topcoat without "cellulose acetate butyrate" will do. It's found in most fast drying topcoats i.e. Seche, Poshe, etc. With Zoya I've found its best to use.a regular shiny topcoat and use the Qtica drying drops which are pricey but soo worth it!
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I used Seche last time and it started to chip at 2 weeks. I just did my toes with Zoya polish and used CND super shiny topcoat then used Qtica drying drops. I LOVE the drying drops. Those are the best on the market IMO.
Can't go wrong with "out the door". Since I switched to it, it holds up really well and dries really quick.
I've been warned by my bff nail tech to use their base and top when using Zoya.
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I use Famous Names base and top coat for my Zoya. My clients come back in 4-6 weeks later with no chipping on their toes.
I switch between Zoya's base and top coats and Essie's Ridge Filling Base Coat, Essie's Protein Base Coat, Nubar Nail Weaver, Nubar Nu Nail, and Essie Good to Go top coat. No issues!
I personally hate Zoyas top/base coat. I normally use Stickey and Seche vite....but be careful if u do use the drying drops....if u put them on too soon it will make the top coat turn patchy anf cloudy....just an FYI....Smile and absolutely do NOT have to use all the line of a particular brand to get good results. They just tell you that to keep u loyal....another fyi!!! Lol
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