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Black Gelish Issue
I just purchased a bottle of the black shadow gelish and it is very sheer and watery. It takes about 5 coats to cover the nail. Is anyone else experiencing this or did i get a bad bottle? I have emailed Hand & Nail Harmony twice but have not heard back!
I have that issue too. Also I noticed the color isn't black in sunlight but dark navy. It ends up looking very thick and takes ages to remove
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Thought I'd chime in and mention that Shellac's Black Pool is totally awesome. First coat is thin, but that second coat, wooooooow, totally rocks! Might try it!
I find a lot of the colours need 3 coats and the lighter gelish colours streak so bad!!
Have any of u tried using gelish base and top coats with a shellac color? Does it hold up?
I always use Gelish base and top coat with Shellac, and I never have a problem.

I got tired of buying all of the different base and top coats for each gel polish line that we use, so we have been using the Gelish base and top coat from the beginning of the gel polish trend. We do keep the Shellac base and top coat on hand if a client is adamant about having an all true "Shellac" service - no problem.

However, after just attending the Premiere Orlando Show and talking with the folks at Akzentz I am going to try the Luxio gel polish line along with their base and top coat. They assured me that their gel polish top coat outshines the Gelish "Top It Off". Certainly worth a try.
Hi , I use Black Shadow all the time, I find it covers well just with two coats. I would try rolling the bottle before you use it. Also, make sure you don't too much base on the natural nail, and that it's been dry wiped really well, including the free edge.
I have found that a lot of the colors have changed. They all used to be such good coverage in 2 coats, and not, many of them seem thin and watery, even after shaking, rolling, or any other process you can think of to mix it! June bride is, or was, one of my favorites, and now, it is just sad Sad
Thanks for the tips, i will give them a try Smile
Sometimes I take an orangewood stick and stir things up in the bottle because a lot of settling happens this seems to really help,

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