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Az techs
I have an aunt living in Mesa, Az who is starting her third round of chemo. She is needing a good tech who can take care of her feet. Sadly, she does have a podiatrist who does not trim toenails and does not have any licensed nail techs who he will refer her to. Kinda scary in my book to send high risk patients out the door to find a salon and give no direction. This dr. also told her to bring her own implements but wouldnt tell what she needed to buy. I really feel frustrated by this whole situation and think it is a huge missed opportunity for the dr, nail tech, and patient. Sorry for going on a bit. I really just need some direction here from anyone located in the Mesa, Tempe, Chandler area. Any properly trained techs who can take care of high risk clients or know of a good podiatrist in the area? I appreciate any help with this. Thanks!
Ugh! I just moved from the East Valley back to CA to take care of my dad who is currently battling Stage 4 cancer. I wish I could have helped.
Sorry to hear.about your dad. It sounds like you are exactly where you need to be. Thanks for the reply. I wish I could afford to fly to her every few weeks, but that is not in anybodys budget. Thanks again. Take care!
A few years back, I had to take my mother to a dermatologist. They had a podiatrist in the office that used to trim her nails. I don't know if she is still there, but it can't hurt to call. I really liked both of them.

Dr. Glenn H. Brown
Office Address
1450 South Dobson Road Suite 320
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 835-9755

Good luck.


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