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Pedicure Sandals
Does anyone carry the pedicure sandals with the built in toe separators? I am trying to locate them to carry them in my salon. Thanks so much!
How do you polish with those on? I hate it when people bring them in because I can't grab the toe from underneath at all, pinch down the sidewalls, etc.
I sell the Yoga Sandals in my shop and they are great to use. I haven't had any difficulty polishing, so I don't know how to direct you on how to hold the toes. I guess I haven't really had anyone who's sidewalls were in the way...
Nail Tech/Owner
I get a lot of people with deep sidewalls, and I always grab the toe from underneath and pull the sidewalls down away from the nailbed before polishing so I can get the entire nail without flooding the sidewalls. I find this impossible to do if they already have sandals on. Even if they don't have deep sidewalls, it's a lot harder for me to polish with shoes in the way. I don't know if that makes any sense.
It does make sense, I think I just haven't particularly had a problem - I always put the clients shoes on before polishing, and add toe spacers if they need them (most do), so I guess since I am always working around the shoes I don't notice much difference with the Yoga Sandals. It's probably like anything else, the more you do something a certain way the less you have to think about doing it.

I did have someone today who had quite a lot of c-curve to their nails, which are so easy to end up flooding the cuticles, and it made me think of this thread. What I generally do for people like that or with puffier cuticles is do two extremely thin coats, almost dry really, with good coverage and then on the third color coat put just a smidge more but not worry about going to the cuticle because it will level out just a bit. To me it's faster to do the three coats this way than end up having to touch up cuticles later.
Nail Tech/Owner
Oh, I find it much easier to just put the sandals on afterward and pretty much never put the shoes on first unless I have to. It's not the yoga sandles in particular that bother me, it's that I can't put them on after polishing without messing my polish up, so I have no choice but to polish with them on, and it doesn't work for me.

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