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You might be a nailtech
If you have a ring that is to loose and you try to fill space with acrylic!
Rural Kansas
#2 'McGiever' your broken toe post on your sandal with a coat of durable acrylic, then when set, add gel to coat it to make it smooth and comfy! Did this 2 weeks ago and still working great!

Smile more and realize each day is a gift from God! Char
I once repaired a cracked fender flare on my dad's 4x4 truck with acrylic.
I repaired a taillight cover once with fiberglass mesh. I have repaired HOme Interior figurines and dentures with acrylic.
Always be get farther.
A couple of weeks ago, I popped a tooth out of my lower denture. Naturally I fixed it with acrylic. When I went to my dentist last week, he admired my repair and told me I should be working for him! LOL!
Is this "you know your a nail tech" or "you know your a redneck nail tech"? Keep them coming-these are hilarious!
Here's another one, I just remembered I did before Christmas...Had a decorative plastic punch bowl that got a crack in it, Yup, got the glue and fiberglass nail wrap. Put a couple of layers of fg on it and we used the punch bowl at our salon for our annual customer appreciation spread of holiday goodies!
Smile more and realize each day is a gift from God! Char
yep, used acrylic to fix a multitude of things... my hubby used my acetone as paint remover last week...

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