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advertising using Facebook
I was wondering if you use it to get business on days that your books are not full? If so how and what do you say?
Get Nailed at JB Salon & Day Spa
I don't have wi-fi at the salon, but I have seen several nail techs who do post their availability for the day on facebook. Some of them simply state they have appointments available that day and I've seen others offer some sort of discount to anyone who books the times they have open.

I sure wish I had wi-fi at work (I don't have a smart phone either) as there have been many days I could offer some sort of incentive to book the times I have open.
I just post what time slots I have available and what services could be done. I have the schedulicity app on my fb page so they can book right from my fb page. But I also always post my email addy and my cell phone for texting and my salon phone number so they have many options for booking their appointment.
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC
Smart phone is a must. I am a booth renter and do everything from mine.
Do you actually get bookings from Facebook?
I get bookings from facebook all the time. Granted, it's from those who are fans of my page. But in many instances it's someone that hasn't been in in a while and the posts on fb stand as a reminder that we're here. I do not do paid ads on fb though. So not sure how effective that is.
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC
I get lots of new bookings from fb. I dint do the ads just ask people to share my page. When I post openings it reminds people to book.
I get a few when i post what times I have open at a discount. Usually its midday and i figure 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing. I just post the avail appt times for today and tomorrow with instructions to contact the salon via phone to book the appt as they are first come, first serve.
Facebook is certainly the way to go and if you don't have wi-fi or a smart phone you are not doing yourself or your business justice.

ALL of our busy nail techs are on facebook and advertise appointment slots frequently and it thing its free!

One of my techs was a little dubious and it took me a couple of months to convince her to get onto FaceBook.....she did and now keeps telling me it's the BEST thing she did!

PS I don't own any share in FaceBook lol
Manufacturer, distributor and trainer for Inverted Moulds.

Check us out on FACEBOOK:
Forgot to mention that FaceBook is the perfect place to build your portfolio so that your current and future clients can see what types of nails you can produce. It gets them excited and motivated to call you and book in.

Something like this maybe:

Manufacturer, distributor and trainer for Inverted Moulds.

Check us out on FACEBOOK:
I am a huge fan of using facebook and other social media (like Yelp) for business building. I have a very full book - typically 95% (*maybe* I get a 10 minute break in the day). If I have a cancellation (less than 24hrs requires 100% service payment - credit card numbers are taken by my online booking system when they book appointments) then I will post on facebook that I have an opening. Almost always that quickly gets filled by a regular client who maybe wants in sooner, or wants their toes done, or has a friend who has been wanting to get in - if it is filled I typically won't charge the client who had to cancel. I'm in a salon by myself and all my clients book their own appointments through Genbook - where they also leave reviews as well as the few reviews at Yelp. I can understand not paying for wifi - but a smart phone is just good business practice for this day in age.
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
I can understand why some salons choose to advertise openings (I choose not to), but would caution about any wording that makes cancellations seem routine. Those posts should be limited among others that announce new products, services, events, education, etc.
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
I typically delete postings when the cancellation has been taken (which sometimes happens in less than 5 minutes). I agree with not having your page flooded with cancellations for new people visiting the page.
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
Does anyone (with their permission of course) "Tag" their clients nails, or them enjoying services with friends, etc...? I would think this would be good form of advertising, because all of THEIR friends would see the photos they were "tagged" in and traffic them to your album/page.
Crazy in l Heart ve with Cuccio!

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