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Is anyone still doing crystal pedicures?
Is anyone out there doing crystal pedicures? I'm just wondering if this is still a big service for summer.

Also for those of you who are doing this, what do you charge and how important is it to use swarovski crystals? (yikes, they are pricey!) And, what size is best?

Thanks for the imput! :-)
I've never seen those before! Love it!
I tried it on 2 nails, but didn't like the way it came out. I was afraid the rhinestones would come off, so I put gel over it and it dulled the rhinestones. I would love to try it again as I think it's so pretty, but I think I need to figure out a different way to apply them.
Perhaps I missed the boat on this....what is a crystal pedicure?
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC
I didn't know what it was either. Had to google it
Wow, those are too cool!! I wonder how long it takes, how much you would charge, and how do you get them to stay on really well?
Same response as jonni. LOL Love bling!!!!
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC

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