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Reverse Application.
I have see some of you talking about this and figured I'd try it. It seems so awkward! I don't see any difference in my smile line. Are there any other benefits to this method?
For me, the best thing about the reverse application is the fact that you can lengthen the nail bed for nail biters or people with short nail beds. Of course you would need to use some sort of cover pink acrylic or gel so that you don't see their natural nail bed. I believe Young Nails has a video on doing the reverse method, which you may find helpful if you haven't seen it already.
You c an lengthen the nail bed without doing the reverse method. Tammy aylor has a video doing it. Check YouTube.
Always be get farther.
I've seen TT's video. I've used her method in the past with success
This method is a huge help for changing designs, and for anyone wanting to avoid soaking off and reapplying...if you are one who can sculpt efficiently ,and have clients who hate nasty nails underneath, this is your go to way...

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