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opi gel or gelish
Undecided i im thinking of using opi gel color , just was wondering is it as good as gelish , because i love the colors of the opi , also is the opi easy to apply ,any other tips and hints please , thank youHeart
I bought several bottles of OPI Gel POlish to test - I had much better results with GELISH hands down. I LOVE the way Gelish just seems to float onto the nail.... very easy to use and I loved knowing that it would work each and every time without any tweeking or shaking or whatever.
Terri Lancaster
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I love the gel color. it does require stirring or shaking for the darker pigments though. other than that, it's easy Smile
OPI gelcolor. I find it outperforms gelish and has the best soak off results.
I like using OPI Gelcolor base with Gelish colors and Gelish Top It Off. I find some of the OPI colors shrink but they soak off nicely.
(06-04-2012, 09:19 AM)hlaurette Wrote: I like using OPI Gelcolor base with Gelish colors and Gelish Top It Off. I find some of the OPI colors shrink but they soak off nicely.

I agree 100%
OPI wins in removal hands down & lasts better IMO. It also lasts very well.
only bad for me is some colors tend to leave a stain behind & some colors shrink back..But applying using Gelish color are a dream.

I now only OPI base , Gelish color or OPI color & OPI topcoat
I tried Gelish "top it off" with OPI base/color & it did not last as long

Isn't funny how some people love different products. I just had a discussion with a nail tech friend and she is hands down an OPI girl and I am a Gelish girl. I use them both, along with Shellac, but some of my OPI colors are not true to their polish counterparts. I love Pompei Purple for summer, but the gel polish was a lot more sheer than the polish. I also think it is a little runnier than other gel polishes. My mom's nails hold up the best with Shellac base and top, over OPI. I haven't tried Gelish on her. I guess it's just personal preference. Like I said, I use all three because I'm never loyal to one brand. I am a brand slut! Smile
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I am a Gelish girl, tried Opi Gel color on a couple clients cause I am looking for a broader color range and the told me they were not happy with OPI>>>> sorry
I have had good luck with both. On my gals who used to get chips quickly ,I solved this by applying one or two coats of Structure ,and sometimes two coats of Top It Off ,depending on the person...makes it last forever !..Smile
I love both for application, but OPI removes much easier and faster. About 5 minutes and its practically falling off. I do etch the surface a little just so the remover can get into it easier for removal.
I JUST bought my first Gelish polish! (it's not been available here until now)
So far I LOVE the way it applies!!! I just put it on one nail (over acrylic) and it's very nice! I'll see how removal goes... one day!
Both are good but I love OPI gel polish then Gelish.
OPI nail product collection online.
I like how Gelish applies, but some of the colors have been fading after I put them on clients and that is not cool.
Both!! They are good complements for each other. HNH says that you can use other gel polish colors with Gelish base and top coats.
I love the way OPI goes on. I use it with Gelish base and top coat. Some of the darker colors tend to be a bit streaky.
Gelish colors are very good, too, but my main pet peeve with Gelish is the mess that is made by the gel oozing back out of the bottle and pooling around the neck. Out of all my sog's, it is the WORST with Gelish. Literally every bottle has a ring around the base of the neck. If someone knows what's causing this, the secret to a mess free application, how to hold the bottle, etc., would you please, PLEASE tell me?!

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