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Hi. I'm Anita New to Cosmetology Any Friendly Advice?
Just signed up today for an online Cosmo Course. Been thinking about doing this for about a year and today I took the plunge!

I'm looking for some pointers and tips from some of you who have been at this awhile. I can't now and never could before attend an actual class room because of finances. I work part time as a Beauty Consultant (Did You Guess It?) started that 6 months ago and just absolutely love it! Wanting to expand and spread my wings (more money is always nice too).

From Texas I came and been here in Nevada about 12 1/2 years. My whole reason for looking to do this is simple: I'm no spring chicken and in 20- 30 years from now I certainly don't care to be flipping burgers at Jack in the Box or Twirling/Holding a sign for Car Lots on the street corner , etc., etc.

So please tell me what to expect in the world of cosmetology. What text books and supplies are the best/cheapest. Give me all the Do's & Don'ts.... I can take it...... I'll be around so send a IM or post here I check almost daily.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Thanks Anita

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