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Traning a replacement for pregnancy leave
i am starting my 4th month of pregnancy and i'm worried about how to upkeep my business while i take a few weeks maternity leave in February. Generally february is a slow month so i think i should be ok but i'd like to know about your expierences with pregnancy leave when you own your own business.
i am the only nail tech and i booth rent. I know that i will have to train my replacement, but how soon should i start training one? how do i know i can trust her? what kind of contracts should i write up about client privledges? should i pay her commission?
i'm so scared i will loose business even though i know my loyals will come back. i'm only planning two weeks out like i did with my first child, but i wasnt the owner back then. i'd like to find a tech trust worthy enough that i can come back only 2 days a week until my child is old enough for daycare, and she can work the other 3. im not sure how that will work though as my shop owner i booth rent from isn't keep on me having someone else in here. but i see it as a must have...
opinions? expierences?
CND trained since '02
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CND trained since '02
Lumos & Famous Names- Famous Partner~ want Lumos? Email me!
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Hi there cloudnine Big Grin
Congrats !!! I am pregnant too and due in February Big Grin. This is my second pregnancy but first time in the salon doing nails while pregtnant.

Since I am a booth renter my sittuation is a bit different than yours, when I am ready to go on maternity leave what I plan on doing is referring my clients to a few talented techs in my area, and then when I am ready to come back, I will send all of my clients a postcard announcing my retun back. Unfortunately, my pregnancy is classified as "high risk", so my leave might start alot sooner than my due date so I am expecting having to tottally rebuild again once I am able to return back to work, but I keep telling myself that I built a clientele from scratch once before so I can do it all again. ( insert super hero music LOL)It is stressful thinking about it all, but I am just trying to take one day at a time and hoping for the best.
Sorry that I can't be more of a help too you as our sittuations are different, but wanted to share what my plans were with you so you know that you arent alone. Hopefully you will get more responses from others who can give better advice. Best of Luck to you in whatever you decide.
so sorry :oops: I just re-read that you ARE a booth renter too. lol. I thought you were a salon owner. Perhaps our sittuations are the same? it's too early yet here.
I dont trust the other techs in town. Alot of mine wont go anywhere else. I still have to pay booth sent while im out so i thinking about training a newbie but there is not room for two desks in my area. Im not really sure what Im going to do
CND trained since '02
Lumos & Famous Names- Famous Partner~ want Lumos? Email me!
Lumos! Dadi' Oil! Vamoos!
Unfortunately we can't have it all. If you're only taking 2-3 weeks off your clients will survive if you provide them with a list of other places to go. You can always just skirt around giving a recommendation of other salons who offer services and simply say you don't necessarily recommend one over another because you're not familiar enough with their work.

Now then...put yourself in your "intern's" shoes. How realistic is it for you to cut back your schedule, and bring someone in, who will only be tossed to the side when you're done? What type of committment do you think you'll get from that person? If I were you and had the option of only working part-time, I would simply rent the space with another tech, and leave it at that. A set schedule, everyone has their boundaries set, and then at the point that your ready to ship your little one off to daycare or school you can figure out how to expand back into full time.

I had a sister-in-law who when she would go on extended vacations would bring back in a retired tech, then it was a temporary situation that both were comfortable with. If you don't know of someone like that, maybe talk to your fellow stylists at the salon. They're licensed to do your job and most often simply choose not to use that portion of their license. They might be willing to for a temporary time, especially if it would help get them thru slower times financially. Best of luck to you and congrats on the baby Smile
If it is a short time your clients will be OK. This is a time when it helps to have friends in the biz.

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