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CND Master Painter
I've already taken a shellac attack class when it first came out years ago.

Can someone share with me the added benfits for taking this master painter class class?

I know your name is listed along with you your salon in the cnd salon locator and you get their new lamp which I have.

Any other benfits to taking this $200 class?

I have not taken the Shellac Attack class, but I have taken the Master Painter and felt I learned a lot! Holly was my trainer and she took us through the basics, talked about color, she gave great tips and tricks with Shellac Art, and covered ALL kinds of random questions. I was able to get my CEU's, I am listed as a Master on the Website (which has gotten a few clients to call), and finally I use the title to explain why I am the best choice for Shellac services in the area.

Holly was an amazing teacher and I have bothered her with a couple questions since and she is always ready to help! With this class, I felt like CND was in my corner and wanted to see me succeed, rather than feeling like they were just pushing product.

So in short...learned a lot, I can advertise as the only master in the area, and was able to get some of my CEU's. I know it is pricey, but I feel it was worth every penny to me.

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