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sidewall application practice
Hello again ladies. Took the advice from the last post and am focusimg more on my prep and sidewall application. I included the ones from my plastic practice hand... Is my application looking better?

[Image: IMAG0303.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0302.jpg]
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Keep up the good work...It looks like the middle finger fit needs to be a tad wider to reach the sidewall. Other than that it looks good.
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It seems I either make the application to wide or not wide enough on the sidewall. Any advice for the correct application?
super mom/super nail tech!
I agree with mlenails, the middle finger looks a bit thin. What I'm seeing is the acrylic is slightly bulging right where the tip ends, then your acrylic is narrower to the cuticle. You need to continue the acrylic at the same width down the sidewall. You need the extra strength to hold the tip against being bumped at the free edge. If it's bumped and there's not enough acrylic on it, it'll pop the tip loose from the nail, and it'll result in an air pocket.

Also, it's hard to tell from this angle but the nails look flat, no apex, except for the green tipped one. View your finished nail fro ALL angles, top, down the barrel and from side to side to make sure they're structured properly. It takes time, but eventually you will train your eyes to see the places that need fixing.

How did you prep your fake hand? I have one that I'm using but can't get tips to stick to it.

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I had to file the nailbeds of the hand pretty good before the tips would adhere.
super mom/super nail tech!
May I suggest, when you take pictures of the nails again, that you get a "down the barrel" shot, a side view and a straight top view? And use the macro setting on your camera to take as close-up a photo as possible. That way we can see the apex, c-curve, and form of your nails and can give more clear advice.

From what I can see of the green nail, the cuticle area is a bit too narrow, possibly because you were trying hard to keep it thin there, and didn't get enough product on that spot. Then when you filed it, it left a bare spot. It's a tricky balance to get the product thin, but not TOO thin. Smile But it helps to angle the tip of your brush and keep the flags just barely ahead of the product as you work it.

It's hard to tell for sure from the picture, but it looks like the product is a little bulky toward the distal end of the nail at the sidewalls, and if we could see a top view of this nail, it would flare out a bit. Also, the apex appears to be a bit too far forward, toward the free edge, and appears bulky. So most of your product is forward on the nail. What you want is for your zone one to be quite thin at the edge, but taper up into zone two where it should be thicker at the stress area. At the same time, your product should all taper down from that apex over the stress area to very thin at the sidewalls and cuticle. The best way to achieve this is with good product control, but that is why you're practicing now, obviously! Smile For now, when you see that there is too much bulk at the sidewalls, you can use your file to debulk by filing down at an angle, on top of the bulk, avoiding the sidewalls for now. You should always check down the barrel to see if you are taking off enough product. In the end, the barrel view should look like a thin crescent moon, if you know what I mean. This would be so much easier to describe with pictures! Smile

And a word about trying to file away the flared free edge--it's very easy to file too much into the sidewalls and extension edge, which can leave you with weak extensions, and still have too much bulk. So use your file straight up and down in the growth channel, just a few swipes to file in the shape, then work on the bulk from the top as I described above.

I hope this is helpful and not confusing! This is a great place to find good advice--you're on the right track!
Elyse in WA
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