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Need a small locking cabinet
Does anyone have a recommendation for a small, sturdy, locking cabinet? It has to be at least 2' wide, 3' high and 10" deep with at least 2 shelves. My polish has been taking walks and forgetting to come back : \ so I think I need to lock it up when I'm not at the salon.
I use a wood cabinet with shelves and put my own lock on it. I have a padlock with hidden key and I bought a small chain from homedepot. I loop it through the handles.
Years ago I was in a salon where nothing was safe. I used a locking video cabinet. When you opened it, the shelves were inside plus shelves in the doors. It was perfect for what I needed.

Also, my hubby built a deep frame around my polish racks. He used a sheet of wall paneling to slide in the frame from the bottom and locked with 2 padlocks on each side. While I was working, I just slid the panel behind my station. Worked great!
Thanks guys. I'll check them both out.
What about a small tool box? I've found the drawers are fantastic for nail stuff, and if it's a small enough one, it can sit on a counter top. I used to use a really large one on wheels, loved it!
I have over 200 bottles of nail polish. I would need a couple tool boxes! LOL could be a possibility though! thanks Donna!
Try home depo they have small tools cabinet that size.
J Pham
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I was considering this one from IKEA:



"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
Thanks guys, I found a perfect one at Lowe's!
can u post a pic of the one from in need of one myself..
I will post this anyway, even though you found something Colleen. You could use this, buy a bicycle lock and loop it through the handles? I use this for all my gels, gel polishes, glitters. It holds a ton of stuff and the drawers are the perfect height for gel polish bottles.
Laura Merzetti
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